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Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities - all the brutal finishers

Here are all of the brutal Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities you can pull off in the latest fighting game coming to PS5, Xbox, Switch, and PC in 2023.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Johnny Cage can be seen killing an opponent

If you could pick out one thing that the Mortal Kombat series is famous for, it would be the devastating finishers that you can perform on enemies. And the Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities are no different, with guts and gore galore filling each of the arenas you fight in.

No matter which of the Mortal Kombat 1 characters you choose from, each has its own unique style of committing these incredibly disgusting finishing moves. So, now the Mortal Kombat 1 release date is here and with the game set to enter the best fighting games list, here are all of the takedowns each character can perform, alongside all the Mortal Kombat 1 Kameo Fighters.

Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities

The Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities are:

  • Heavenly Light (Ashrah) – down, forward, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid]
  • Fatality 2 (Ashrah) – down, down, back, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [mid]
  • Split Decision (Baraka) – back, forward, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Baraka) – forward, back, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Spin Cycle (General Shao) – back, forward, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]
  • Fatality 2 (General Shao) – down, forward, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]
  • Sand Storm (Geras) – forward, down, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [far]
  • Fatality 2 (Geras) – down, forward, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [close]
  • Atomic Heart (Havik) – down, forward, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Havik) – forward, back, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]
  • Hollywood Walk Of Pain (Johnny Cage) – forward, back, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Johnny Cage) – forward, down, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid-far]
  • Blended (Kenshi) – forward, down, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Kenshi) – back, down, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]
  • Royal Blender (Kitana) – down, forward, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [far]
  • Minty Fresh (Kitana) – back, down, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Lao’d And Clear (Kung Lao) – back, forward, back, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Kung Lao) – back, down, down, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [mid]
  • Roman Candle (Li Mei) – forward, back, forward, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [mid]
  • Fatality 2 (Li Mei) – back, forward, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Double Dragon (Liu Kang) – down, forward, back, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Liu Kang) – back, forward, back, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [close]
  • Appetizer (Mileena) – forward, back, forward, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [close]
  • A Little To The Left (Mileena) – down, forward, back, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [close]
  • Vaetermus KomBAT (Nitara) – down, down, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]
  • Fatality 2 (Nitara) – back, down, back, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [mid-far]
  • The Storm’s Arrival (Raiden) – back, forward, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]
  • Ride The Lightning (Raiden) – down, forward, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid-far]
  • The Red Sea (Rain) – down, down, forward, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Rain) – down, forward, back, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [mid]
  • The Impaler (Reiko) –  down, down, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid]
  • For The General (Reiko) – back, down, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Indigestion (Reptile) – forward, back, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [Mid]
  • Fatality 2 (Reptile) – forward, down, back, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [close]
  • Eye-Pailing Victory (Scorpion) – down, forward, back, block (R2 [PS], RT [Xbox], ZR [NS]) [Mid]
  • Gang War (Scorpion) – back, forward, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid]
  • Side Effects (Shang Tsung) – back, down, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Shang Tsung) – forward, down, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid]
  • Hair Comes Trouble (Sindel– down, back, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]
  • Fatality 2 (Sindel) – back, forward, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid-far]
  • Hazed and Infused (Smoke) – back, forward, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [anywhere]
  • Fatality 2 (Smoke) – down, forward, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [anywhere]
  • Hairline Fracture (Sub-Zero) – forward, down, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Sub-Zero) – forward, back, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]
  • Helping Hands (Tanya) – down, back, down, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [close]
  • Fatality 2 (Tanya) – back, forward, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close-mid]
  • Annihilation (Cyrax) – forward, back, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Armed and Dangerous (Darrius Kameo) – down, back, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Breaking Point (Frost Kameo) – back, down, back, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [anywhere]
  • Shokan Stomp (Goro) – back, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [close]
  • Big Boot (Jax Kameo) – down, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [far]
  • Heart Ripper (Kano Kameo) – back, down, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [close]
  • Klean Kut (Kung Lao Kameo) – forward, back, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Brain Blast (Motaro Kameo) – forward, down, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Inner Demon (Sareena Kameo) – forward, down, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Toasty!!! (Scorpion Kameo) – down, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Kompactor (Sektor Kameo) – back, forward, back, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Five Point Strike (Shunjiko Kameo) – down, back, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]
  • Kiss (Sonya Kameo) – back, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [far]
  • Safety Vest (Stryker Kameo) – forward, down, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [Mid]
  • Spine Rip (Sub-Zero Kameo) – forward, down, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Ashrah can be seen with a body

Heavenly Light (Ashrah)

  • Input: – down, forward, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid]

Ashrah sprouts wings made of light and flies up into the air before using magic to purify her kriss. She then shoots dozens of Kriss Blades made of light into the opponent, impaling their torso, limbs, and finally, head. By this point, the other character is super dead, but this is Mortal Kombat, baby. We’re not done.

Ashrah slams her Kriss into the ground, summoning a plume of white fire that cascades over the opponent, stripping the flesh from their bones and burning anyway their skeleton until only their head and the right side of their torso remain.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Baraka can be seen with a body

Split Decision (Baraka)

  • Input: back, forward, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [close]

Baraka impales the opponent with his arm blades and then lifts them bodily from the ground until the blades pierce their skull, skewering their eyeballs and lifting them from their sockets.

He then rips his arm blades from their body, severing the front half of their chest and skull, which falls forward as the opponent’s lifeless corpse hits the ground, revealing their innards. Quick, brutal, and effective.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: General Shao can be seen standing

Spin Cycle (General Shao)

  • Input: back, forward, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]

General Shao’s been practicing his air combos for this one. He launches the opponent high into the air with an uppercut from his axe before leaping after them, grabbing them by the arm, and then spinning them in a circle so fast that their skin, muscles, and organs get burned off by the friction.

You also get a close-up of the other character’s face while this is happening to them. Nasty. Anyway, once the opponent is just a skeleton, Shao slams them down into the ground in a broken, bloody, bone-filled heap. This is a Looney Tunes Fatality, essentially.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Geras can be seen standing with a body

Sand Storm (Geras)

  • Input: forward, down, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [far]

Geras summons a sand tornado that pulls the other character to him. Holding them by the neck, Geras forces the left side of their body into the tornado, which starts to shear off entire sections of their body, including their face. Nasty. And, naturally, we get a close-up of this as the tornado is filled with blood.

All the better to hear the other character scream, I guess? Once he’s using the force of the tornado to remove the left half of the other character’s body, Geras slams them facefirst into the ground, leaving only a pair of legs sticking up awkwardly in the air.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Havik can be seen with a body

Atomic Heart (Havik)

  • Input: down, forward, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]

This one involves a bit of a transplant. Havik rips his chest open and pulls his heart out, and then sticks his hand through the opponent’s chest and rips their heart out. He puts his heart into the opponent’s chest, which starts to pulse with green, acidic-looking energy.

Then he crushes their heart, which causes his heart to explode, blowing a big ol’ hole in their chest that takes out the left side of their torso. The rest of their lopsided corpse falls to the ground.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Johnny Cage can be seen with a person's face beaten off

Hollywood Walk Of Pain (Johnny Cage)

  • Input: forward, back, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]

Johnny walks up to the opponent and claps them on the shoulder, saying “Talk about talent! Meet Hollywood’s newest star!” Naturally, he’s live-streaming this for his adoring fans. Things seem to be okay… before Johnny picks them up and slams their face down into one of those concrete slabs they use for handprint ceremonies and Walk of Fame Stars in Hollywood.

Johnny pulls the other character’s face off the slab, taking half their head with it. Then he takes a selfie with their half-exposed brain. This is one of the more subdued Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 1.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Kenshi can be seen having destroyed a body

Blended (Kenshi)

  • Input: forward, down, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]

Look, you can probably tell how this one is going to go because of the name. Kenshi uses Sento’s magic to freeze the opponent in place and force their head back. Then Sento unseathes itself, and flies down into the opponent’s open mouth, spinning in a circle the entire time. There’s a lot of blood, unsurprisingly.

Then Kenshi lifts them up into the air and flips them upside down. Sento removes itself from their mouth, then chops them clean in half, stating from the crotch and going their their skull. Sento sheathes itself as its lifeless corpse falls to the ground in two halves.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Kitana

Royal Blender (Kitana)

  • Input: down, forward, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [far]

Hey, another reference to everyone’s favorite kitchen appliance that isn’t a toaster. Bet you can’t guess what happens here! Kitana throws her fans at the opponent and lifts them up the air with wind magic. One fan spins above their head, and the other below their feet, each controller by a different hand.

Kitana closes her hands, and the fans spins downwards and upwards, respectively, chopping the other character into chunky, bloody bits of meat before meeting in the middle and then returning to Kitana, leaving the other characters a pile of guts, gore, and bone fragments.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Kung Lao can be seen with a body

Lao’d and Clear (Kung Lao)

  • Input: back, forward, back, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [Mid]

I know what you’re thinking: I bet this one uses his hat! And you’re right. Kung Lao throws his hat at the opponent, nearly severing their left arm from their torso. Then the hat returns to him, doing the same to the right arm in the process. Kung Lao catches his hat, and then throws it at the opponent’s knees, severing them from the opponent’s body.

Their torso falls onto their severed knees, but the hat still isn’t done. It flips around, severing the opponent’s head on its way back to Kung Lao. Kung Lai catches the hat one more time, then uses it to chop the opponent in half, and this whole Leaning Tower of Meat-za falls apart into a heap of body parts.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Li Mei can be seen having decapitated a body

Roman Candle (Li Mei)

  • Input: forward, back, forward, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [mid]

Li Mei punches through the opponent’s torso, pulling out a string of intestines. The opponent falls to their knees, and Li Mei uses her magic to light their intestines like a fuse. The magic traces the intestine fuse back to the opponent, burning it up as it goes. while the opponent screams in horror. And really, who can blame them?

Just before the fuse gets to the opponent’s still-inside guts, Lei Mi does a cartwheel kick, launching their now-disembodied head high into the air, with the intestine fuse still attached. The fuse finally reaches the opponent’s head, which explodes into the dirtiest fireworks you’ve ever seen, just before their body keels backward.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Liu Kang can be seen witha body of mush

Double Dragon (Liu Kang)

  • Input: down, forward, back, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]

Nice reference. Lui Kang punches the opponent in the face, knocking them to their knees, He summons two dragons made of fire, one red and one blue, that arc out from his outstretched hands before slamming into the opponent.

The dragons raise the other character into the air, each dragon pulling on an arm. Liu Kang leaps up into the air and brings his hand down on the opponent’s head, pushing it down through their body before smashing it into the ground. The two halves of the other character’s body fall down around Liu Kang to finish things off.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Mileena can be seen with a decapitated body

Appetizer (Mileena)

  • Input: forward, back, forward 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [close]

This one is really, really gory, so consider yourself warned. Mileena stabs her opponent in the left ear with her sai, flipping them around so their back is to her, then stabs both her sai into their shoulders, forcing them to their knees. This is where things get nasty. She bites down on the opponent’s head, removing the top of their skull (they are naturally, screaming the entire time, it’s pretty messed up) and then slurping up their brain like it’s a piece of Jell-O.

But Mileena’s not done, oh no. Then, she eats the rest of the top half of their head before turning and snarling at the camera. You get a good look at the lower half of the other character’s exposed jaw, tongue, and throat as they slump over towards the camera. It’s incredibly disgusting. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need something to settle my stomach.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Nitara can be seen with a  body

Vaetermus KomBAT (Nitara)

  • Input: down, down, back, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]

Oh boy, another really gross one! Nitara screams, flies up in the air, and then surges forward, grabbing the other character by the face and forcing their mouth open as dozens of bats fly in.

Once they are inside, the characters’ stomach twitches and squirms and blood pours out of their mouth before Nitara sticks her claws through their face and side, and rips off the front of their body, including their face, to free the bats, who come pouring out. Nitara screams as the remaining half of the other character’s body falls to the ground. Fun for the whole family!

The Storm’s Arrival (Raiden)

  • Input: back, forward, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]

This one’s a little simpler. Raiden blasts the opponent with a lighting uppercut that launches them into the sky, before hitting them with a bolt of lightning that blows a hole in the middle of their abdomen. Raiden then shoots upwards into that hole, gets stuck, and forms a lighting field around him that blasts the opponent in half.

Still not satisfied, Raiden grabs the two halves of the other character with lighting fields and then slams them together in front of him. He descends to the ground as blood and intestines rain to the ground.



Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Rain can be seen with a Flayed body

The Red Sea (Rain)

  • Input: down, down, forward, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]

You can probably see where this one is going. Rain slams his staff on the ground, summoning water that swirls around the opponent’s feet before surrounding them in a cylinder of water that lifts them off the ground. Rain twirls his staff in a circle above his head, turning the cylinder into a cyclone that spins faster and faster, tearing off the other character’s arms and peeling off their skin.

Once the water cyclone is painted red with the blood of his skinless enemy, Rain stops writing his staff and allows things to settle for a second before he rips the cyclone in half, and the other character’s body with it.

The Impaler (Reiko)

Input: down, down, back, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [mid]

Reiko pulls out his spear and slices the opponent’s arms off at the shoulders and legs off above the knees. Now that they’re little more than a torso, he impales them on the spear and sticks it in the ground.

Then, he yanks their ribcage out through their torso, which pulls their head off their body. The tip of the spear comes out through the other character’s mouth, and the body – guts, ribcage, and all – falls to the ground. Gross, but effective.

Indigestion (Reptile)

  • Input: forward, back, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [Mid]

Reptile transforms into his Reptile form and bounds toward the opponent, before disappearing. He reappears behind them, gobbling them up from the head down and swallowing them whole. Seconds later, he spits them back out, but now they’re just a head, torso, and arms covered in acid trying to crawl away.

One of their arms explodes from the acid before Reptile decides to put them out of their misery by smushing their head with one of his claws. One of the cooler Fatalities, in my opinion, and without being super gross.

Eye-Palling Victory (Scorpion)

  • Input: down, forward, back, block (R2 [PS], RT [Xbox], ZR [NS]) [Mid]

Scorpion leaps into the air and lands with a superhero-style ground punch that launches the other character in the air. Once they’re in the air, Scorpion launches dual spears through the other character’s stomach. The spears then circle back and go through the back of the other character’s head, coming out of their eye sockets.

Scorpion uses the spears to pull their head off, and then pulls their head through their back and out their stomach, tearing the other character’s body in half. Scorpion catches the other character’s head and the two halves of the body hits the ground.

Side Effects (Shang Tsung)

  • Input: back, down, down, 4 (circle [PS], B [Xbox], A [NS]) [close]

Shang Tsung has a pretty unique Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1. First, he sticks the retractable syringe blades on his gauntlets into the other character’s neck and then pours a flash of golden liquid down their throat. The other character starts to vomit the liquid back up, and more of it pours out of the hole in their throat.

Shang Tsung slices open their stomach with his retractable syringe blades, and the golden liquid starts pouring out, melting their body until all that’s left is a half-melted skeleton.

Hair Comes Trouble (Sindel)

  • Input: down, back, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [mid]

Sindel extends her hair, using it to cover both of the opponent’s arms. She breaks both of their arms at the elbow before pulling them off. Once their arms are off (and being held with her hair), she sends two tendrils of hair into the other character’s arm sockets and lifts them up.

She grabs them by the face, speaks to them briefly, and then rips their spine out of their chest. She holds the spine up as what’s left of the other character falls to the ground.

Hazed and Infused (Smoke)

  • Input: back, forward, down, 1 (square [PS], X [Xbox], Y [NS]) [anywhere]

Smoke throws down a smoke grenade and teleports behind the opponent and cuts off both of their arms before disappearing in a cloud of smoke (Smoke? Does he disappear in a cloud of himself?). He reappears in front of the other character, stabs them in the throat with his dagger, and then shoves a smoke grenade in their mouth.

Smoke steps back and the grenade explodes, taking out the other character’s lower jaw and part of their chest. The other character falls over, and Smoke teleports behind them and assumes a very cool win pose.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Sub Zero can be seen with a frozen decapitated body

Hairline Fracture (Sub-Zero)

  • Input: forward, down, down, 2 (triangle [PS], Y [Xbox], X [NS]) [close]

Hey, look, it’s a joke about ice shattering and bones breaking! Anyway, Sub-Zero starts this one off by doing his best Krillin impression with a disc made of ice. He hurls it through the other character’s waist, slicing them in half, then runs up and kicks the other character in the face, spinning their torso around atop their severed legs.

The ice disc swings back around, and slams into the other character’s head. They’re dead by now, but this is Mortal Kombat. The other character falls forward, and the ice disc gets stuck in the ground. They fall forward some more, and their torso falls off their legs, ending the Fatality.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Tanya can be seen with a destroyed body

Helping Hands (Tanya)

  • Input: down, back, down, 3 (cross [PS], A [Xbox], B [NS]) [close]

Tanya starts this one by hitting the other character so hard with her staff that she breaks their neck and their head spins around until it faces their back. Then, she shoves it into their mouth, and with the help of her light hands, pushes down.

She pulls it back out, taking the other character’s spine with it. Her light hands help her pull it all the way out, and she flings the severed head and spinal column across the arena. Pretty tame, as far as MK1’s Fatalities go.

Annihilation (Cyrax Kameo)

  • Input: forward, back, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Cyrax walks up to the other character and shoots a bunch of bombs out of his chest. The other character looks around, confused before the camera zooms out to show Earth, which then explodes.

If you’ve ever been hit by Cyrax’s bombs, this will feel eerily accurate.

Armed and Dangerous (Darrius Kameo)

  • Input: down, back, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Darrius walks up to his opponent, grabs their arms, plants his foot firmly in their stomach, and rips their arms off. Then he smacks them in the head with both arms.

The second hit pops their head off, and their headless corpse topples to the ground. Darrius, however, seems attached to those arms, because he’s still holding them after the fact.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Frost can be seen with a body

Breaking Point (Frost Kameo)

  • Input: back, down, back, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [anywhere]

Frost slides in, forms a ball of ice, and slams it into the other character’s chest, freezing their torso solid.

Then she hits them in the chest with a double-fisted attack that shatters everything but their arms, head, and legs, leaving them intact but attached to a frozen skeleton otherwise devoid of skin or muscle. It looks very silly.

Shokan Stomp (Goro Kameo)

  • Input: back, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [close]

Goro leaps on-screen, grabs the opponent with his lower arms, lifts them up, and then crushes their head between the palms of his upper arms.

Then he reaches down into what remains of their neck and rips their body in half before throwing it to the ground. A simple Shokan, Goro.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Jax's boot can be seen

Big Boot (Jax Kameo)

  • Input: down, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [far]

Jax walks in, pounds his fists together, and then grows to a gigantic size.

From there he steps on the opponent with an enormous boot.

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Kano can be seen having destroyed someone's body

Heart Ripper (Kano Kameo)

  • Input: back, down, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [close]

This one is a stone-cold klassic. Kano walks up, thumbs his nose, rips the opponent’s heart out of their chest, and holds it over his head like a trophy.

It’s not flashy, but sometimes the old ways are best.

Klean Kut (Kung Lao Kameo)

  • Input: forward, back, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Brain Blast (Motaro Kameo)

  • Input: forward, down, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Inner Demon (Sareena Kameo)

  • Input: forward, down, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Sareena leaps out of the ground in full-on demon form, her hands covered in fire. She sticks them right into the opponent’s chest, picks them up off the ground, and rips their chest open, exposing their heart.

She stabs their heart with her tail and yanks it out of their body, before throwing the lifeless corpse away, the heart still skewered by her tail.

Toasty!!! (Scorpion Kameo)

  • Input: down, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Kameo Scorpion walks up, tears off his hood to reveal the skull beneath, and spits a big old plume of fire at the opponent’s feet.

They burn (and scream) for a moment before exploding into a pile or bones and gore.

Kompactor (Sektor Kameo)

  • Input: back, forward, back, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Sektor walks up, opens up his chest, and forms what looks like a trash compactor above and below the opponent.

The other character screams in horror as they are crushed between the two, and then Sektor pulls it back into his chest.

Five Point Strike (Shunjiko Kameo)

  • Input: down, back, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

Mortal Kombat 1 Fatalities: Sonya can be seen with a burning body

Kiss (Sonya Kameo)

  • Input: back, forward, down, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [far]

Another simple one. Sonya walks up and blows a kiss towards the opponent in the form of a purple orb. The other does a flip in the air, then hits the other character, setting them on fire and leaving a purple heart floating in the air.

Sonya’s always been a heartbreaker.

Safety Vest (Stryker)

  • Input: forward, down, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [Mid]

As police sirens light are heard in the background, Stryker walks up to the opponent and straps something to their chest. When he steps away, you can see it’s a bomb vest.

Stryker walks away and then presses the button on a remote detonator, detonating the vest and turning the poor souls attached to it into a pile of blood, bone, and giblets.

Spine Rip (Sub-Zero Kameo)

  • Input: forward, down, forward, Kameo call out (R1 [PS], RB [Xbox], R [NS]) [mid]

That’s the Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities. If you’re excited to play this latest fighting game, find out about Mortal Kombat 1 crossplay so you can play with friends on other platforms, or for those looking to compete (or kompete), find out if Mortal Kombat 1 has rollback netcode in online or not.