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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS5, PS4, Xbox release date, gameplay

Get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS5, PS4 release date so you can jump in and experience the expansion on consoles.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS5 PS4 Xbox Release Date: A monster can be seen with people fighting

When is the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS5, PS4, Xbox release date? The packed expansion, filled with content is making its debut on PlayStation and Xbox with the same content as you can find on other platforms. But, in addition, you can also benefit from all the visual upgrades and performance boosts the PS5, PS4, and Xbox versions offer.

So, if you want an overview of when you can play Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on PlayStation and Xbox, and what is included read below. You can get an idea of what is being added to the Monster Hunter Rise monsters list and areas.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS5, PS4, Xbox release date

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date is April 28, 2023, on PS5, PS4, and Xbox platforms.

The game’s expansion was originally set for Spring 2023 and it’s nice to see it hit that date after the full game launched back in January. You will need to suit up for an even tougher fight in the expansion compared to the full game.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be identical to the experience offered on Nintendo Switch and PC. This includes:

  • Brand new areas
  • 17 monsters, both new and old
  • New Endemic life
  • New quests
  • New Switch skills

That covers everything we know about the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS5, PS4, Xbox release date, as well as what gameplay additions you can expect. If you are on the fence about purchasing it, check out our Monster Hunter Rise review on PS5 to see what we thought of the game.