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Minecraft Legends’ base building is giving us Rust vibes

Mojang Studios will release Minecraft Legends later this year, touting PvE action and base upgrading thrills in new Xbox Developer Direct footage.

Piglins in Minecraft legends on xbox series x

Minecraft Legends ushers in a fresh era for the popular sandbox franchise, and you’ll need your best buddies more than ever for this one. Taking on games like Rust with its own spin on base building, survival and PvE action, Minecraft Legends isn’t your standard Minecraft experience. Now, we’ve got a fresh look at the game straight from the Xbox Developer Direct.

Leaning into the realms of combat and survival, developer Mojang Studios is taking the sandbox franchise onto new ground. Developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive, Minecraft Legends is billed as a more tactical action-strategy take, which requires up to four players to team up for their best shot of withstanding the dastardly Piglins. Complete with cross-platform compatibility, players will need to rely on excellent communication to put together their eventual plan of attack.

Piglins operate as their own entity, roaming the lands in hopes of taking down your base. That’s right, you’ll be building the castle of your dreams, utilising different upgrades to ensure each nook and cranny is fortified. Just like Rust, you’ll undoubtedly have to fend off fiendish attackers looking to take every resource you’ve earned. Plank Golems, in a similar vein to archers, can control characters in a unit-style fashion as Minecraft Legends reigns its strategic approach.

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However, the Piglins aren’t your only foe. The world itself is constantly changing, using the franchise’s procedurally generated world technology to change the game every time you hop on for a session. That means hidden chests, rideable Regal Tigers, and other beasts won’t always be in the same place.

Each adventure will be a new era of excitement in Minecraft Legends, and if you’re already ready to get cracking, we’ve got more information for you. Is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass? Is Minecraft Legends free to play? Worry no more, now you’re all set for the next Mojang Studios experience.