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Is Minecraft Legends free to play?

Find out if Minecraft Legends is free to play and what the release plans are for the game and if you will need to put down money or not.

Minecraft Legends Free To Play: A Piglin can be seen

With a huge name like Minecraft attached, and the fact that it focuses on action strategy over creative freedom, there’s likely one question on everyone’s mind. So, is Minecraft Legends free to play?

Well, this article is the place you want to be as we will go over Microsoft’s release plans for the game and whether or not you will need to put money down to play the action strategy game. Similarly, we will go over if you need to get your friends as well to put money down as they explore the crafting and building systems in Minecraft Legends with you, which are more of a focus than mining this time around.

Is Minecraft Legends free to play?

Minecraft Legends is not free to play. The price of Minecraft Legends varies depending on platform, but it is roughly $39.99 / £34.99 for the standard edition of the game.

While it’s still technically not free, the game will be available day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox consoles and PC, meaning when the Minecraft Legends release date arrives, you’ll be able to play the game as part of your subscription.

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We know that means you still need to pay something, but if you’re wanting to play Minecraft Legends at launch as well as all Xbox Game Pass games currently available, this is a good option.

For more on the game, now that you know Minecraft Legends is not free to play, read up on how you can invite your friends to protect the Overworld along with you. Our Minecraft Legends multiplayer guide has a full breakdown of how PvP and co-op work.