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Is there Minecraft Legends early access?

Find out if you can jump into the spinoff ahead of everyone else or if you have to wait until the game releases on consoles and PC.

Minecraft Legends Early Access: A villager can be seen

Minecraft Legends does not have early access available on any of the platforms it is releasing on or via Game Pass. The only way to play the game is to wait until it releases for everyone, everywhere on April 18, 2023.

Excitement for Minecraft Legends is peaking as we approach the Minecraft Legends release date, especially given that reviews came out for it a few days ahead of the game coming out. In ours, we said that “Minecraft Legends is ambitious and unique, and offers up a new experience for Minecraft lovers. While its PvP mode might give it some longevity, as an actual single-player strategy game, it unfortunately misses the mark.” You can read our full Minecraft Legends review here.

The lack of an early access mode will definitely be disappointing to some of you reading this who maybe wanted to jump in and play, or get really good at the strategy side of the experience, before everyone else. However, that is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and not all developers offer early access. Microsoft does in some cases, but not with every game.

In Minecraft Legends you have a lot you can look forward to. As mentioned in our review snippet, the game offers PvP and there are co-op Minecraft Legends multiplayer options that let you team up with your friends via Game Pass or on other platforms. So, you and your friends can learn together upon release, despite there not being any way to play early.