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Mindseye release date window, story, gameplay

The Mindseye release date is coming and this article covers everything from story to gameplay as we approach the intriguing and mysterious game's release.

Mindseye Release Date: A character can be seen angry

When is the Mindseye release date? The teaser for what many expect to be a new exciting action game left everyone wondering when the game’s release date is. Part of Leslie Benzies, ex-president of Rockstar North, ambitious project Everywhere, Mindseye is still a pretty big mystery.

The urban car chase and the shooting scenes, in addition to the fact that Leslie Benzie is behind Mindseye, make us wonder how much of GTA 5 and GTA Online we might end up finding in this game. But, it does seem to offer up its own unique twists with its sci-fi angle and setting which you can experience when the Everywhere release date rolls around.

Mindseye release date window

The Mindseye release date is set for 2023, but there aren’t any confirmed platforms for the game yet. Mindseye requires running Build a Rock Boy’s online world Everywhere, which the game will be playable in.

While Everywhere is a platform for players to create their own games inside of it, using assets from the system’s library, it also works as an online hub for multiple experiences. Once logged in, you can access different “districts” structured around specific activities. Mindseye is supposed to be in the Entertainment district of the game.

Mindseye Release Date: A character can be seen with a a robot

Mindseye story

As with many other aspects of Mindseye, there aren’t many details confirmed about the game’s story. Considering the teaser, we can see this is an action game in a near future world. Corporations play a big role in the game’s world hiding many secrets, and new technologies.

Mindseye seems to be a lighter cyberpunk experience if compared to other games of the genre, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Deus Ex. On the other hand, due to the vast baggage this genre has it’s almost certain we can expect to see a story touching on important topics of cyberpunk as a genre, such as the direct conflict with powerful companies to whom profits are above human lives. Besides that, all we have is speculation based on what is said and shown in the teaser.

The first thing we can assume about the game’s world is that Mindseye is a technology that is central to the plot, affecting not only individuals but society as a whole. At the beginning of the teaser, we can see a man – who might be the main character – touching a small electronic device behind his ear while an android in front of him mimics his action. Whatever Mindseye is, we know that it’s a technology connected to an individual’s brain and we can imply that it allows people to communicate with machines and control them to some extent.

It seems that the main character is incapable of controlling Mindseye correctly. The teaser also highlights how powerful companies are, showing not only soldiers dropping from a helicopter and armored cars chasing the protagonist but a glimpse of what seems like an army of robots as well. It’s important to remember that Leslie Benzie said Mindseye will be launched episodically in an interview with Polygon and, although there is a narrative connecting them, every episode has a different focus as well as different stories within them.

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Mindseye gameplay

In terms of gameplay, we have even less information about Mindseye. Based on the affirmation given by the Build a Rocket Boy studio that Mindseye is an action-adventure game and considering what the teaser shows, it’s possible to guess some elements that we might see in the game. First, it’s a third-person game in which you can perform different actions with the character, from piloting a car to shooting. Since we haven’t seen gameplay footage yet, we don’t know yet how your character can interact with the world. On the other hand, considering the themes the game is built around, we can expect to see a wide range of weapons to be used.

It’s unclear whether the Mindseye technology is used as a mechanic in the game or not, as well as if there are any other types of implants to equip. But if they are, we may see something similar to how the Deus Ex’s and Cyberpunk 2077’s enhancements work.

Mindseye Release Date: A character can be seen firing a gun

Considering Leslie Benzies’ background, we may be looking at an open world where you can drive around, complete side missions, and interact with NPCs. It’s, however, difficult to say if this is going to be strictly single-player or multiplayer due to the fact Mindseye is split into episodes. Benzies said that the second episode of Mindseye is going to focus on multiplayer in the Polygon interview, but we don’t know if the first episode lacks this feature.

And that’s all we know regarding the Mindseye release date, the game’s story, and its gameplay. If the idea of playing a new open-world game gets you excited, be sure to check our guide on the best Xbox open-world games and best PS5 open-world games.