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Can you romance characters in Midnight Suns?

When you’re not facing up against Lillith’s forces, you’ll be spending time with other heroes, but can you initiate a Marvel’s Midnight Suns romance too?

Marvel's Midnight Suns Romance: Nico, Magik, Robbie Reyes, and Blade in the Abbey

While Lillith and Hydra’s forces of evil are growing, you’ll need to prepare a team worthy of challenging the Mother of Demons, but can a Marvel’s Midnight Suns romance blossom as you build relationships with other heroes? It can seem like your friendships are progressing as you befriend many characters in the Abbey, and you’ll see improvements during missions thanks to this.

There are plenty of heroes to meet and hangout with in the Abbey, with some very notable voice actors playing parts in the Midnight Suns cast and voice actors list. And many of the iconic names that fill the Midnight Suns characters list are playable during the gameplay portion of the game. But can you progress your relationship with certain heroes beyond being just friends?

Can you romance characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Unfortunately, you can’t romance characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. All of your relationships with other characters are completely platonic, and while you may hope on initiating a romantic relationship with your favourite heroes, that isn’t possible.

It’s still worth improving your friendships with other heroes though. The higher your friendship level with each character, you’ll receive rewards as well as various bonuses during gameplay. So, don’t sit alone in your bedroom between missions! We also recommend hanging out with certain characters on each in-game night, as it provides some interesting dialogue between The Hunter and each hero.

It may be a shame to some that you can’t work on a Marvel’s Midnight Suns romance between yourself and your favourite hero, but that doesn’t change how incredible the game is, as we mention in our Marvel’s Midnight Suns review. On the plus side, working on your relationship in the Abbey is a great way of passing the time, and you’ll have a lot of it when you find out the Midnight Suns length and how long it may take you to beat Lillith.