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Steam slip-up leaks possible Midnight Suns Morbius DLC release date

It's almost Morbin' Time in Marvel's Midnight Suns as one eagle-eyed tactical game fan has spotted a Morbius DLC release date on the game's official Steam page.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Morbius DLC release date Steam: an image of concept art for the character for the tactical RPG

Now, we don’t know about you, but the DLC we’ve seen from Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been quite a lot of fun. We might have already known what Venom brings to the table, but Deadpool has been a fantastic addition to the roster and the narrative content presented by both DLCs has been a welcome expansion of the story already being told in Firaxis Games’ tactical RPG. However, it’s almost Morbin’ Time and we really can’t wait to see – and that’s not because of the Jared Leto movie.

Allegedly spotted twice by eagle-eyed superhero fan ‘EmeraldBurningHammer’ on the Steam store landing page, the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Morbius DLC release date could be as early as March 21.

As you will be able to see for yourself below, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is currently 50% on Steam and this offer was presented to the aforementioned eagle-eyed fan with the message “brand new DLC featuring Morbius releases March 21st”. We don’t know about you, but it doesn’t get more ‘to the point’ than that.

Looking at this release date, it does seem a little soon after the release of Venom and it’s worth remembering the fact that there hasn’t been anything official regarding Morbius from Marvel’s Midnight Suns yet – beyond confirmation that he’s one of the post-launch DLC characters for one of the best RPG games out there.

However, as rightfully pointed out in the comments of the following Reddit post, Venom released roughly a month after Deadpool – and both were announced exactly a week before their respective releases. So, March 21 isn’t an unusual date to see Morbius DLC drop.

On March 21st… It’s Morbin Time! from midnightsuns

But, with there being no previous mention of this expansion’s release – we certainly think it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt. ‘SparksV’, in the comments of the above post, does suggest that this could have been an original release date and will, in fact, serve as an announcement date for the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Morbius DLC. The release of this DLC will then follow the week after – on something like March 28 or March 30.

This seems the more logical conclusion to this little Steam slip-up, but it’s still exciting to learn that we’re going to be Morbin’ in Midnight Suns very shortly. As the Living Vampire, he’s certainly going to bring some unique attacks and abilities to the table – we can imagine he will take advantage of Lifesteal effects quite a lot. You have to wonder who else was included on the first draft of Midnight Suns – which included over 25 heroes – alongside Morbius; he’s certianly a unique character.

We know Midnight Suns’ Deadpool introduces a strange problem for future DLC – something we’re going to see realised very shortly – but, there’s a reason why this was one of The Loadout’s Game of the Year 2022 nominees. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a lot of fun, and we’re hopeful that Morbius isn’t going to disappoint. This is, after all, one of the best PS5 RPG games and best Xbox RPG games out there – if you’re looking for a more tactical approach to things.