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Is Miasma Chronicles on Game Pass?

Find out about if a Miasma Chronicles Game Pass release is planned or if you will need to buy the game with your hard earned money on Xbox and PC.

Miasma Chronicles Game Pass: Two characters can be seen

Is Miasma Chronicles on Game Pass? Miasma Chronicles is the next tactical-strategy adventure from The Bearded Ladies (the team behind Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden). Set to arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, the title looks to expand upon the systems built into the studio while bringing the classical tactical gameplay to a sci-fi dystopian setting.

Miasma Chronicles was one of the highlights of The Loadout’s Gamescom 2022 trip to Germany. Sitting down with the developers, we got to play a preview of Miasma Chronicles and came away seeing it as a streamlined version of XCOM. But, if you are an XCOM fan, can you jump in for free with Game Pass?

Is Miasma Chronicles on Game Pass?

Miasma Chronicles is not on Game Pass. The Game was not included in the May 2023 Game Pass games lineup and 505 Games hasn’t announced plans to release the game on the service yet. 

It is possible the game could arrive onto Game Pass in the future. After all other 505 Games releases have come to the subscription service, including Eiyuden Chronicle Rising and Control. But, there is no guarantee of this. If the game does get announced for the platform, however, we will be sure to update this guide.

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Now you know if a Miasma Chronicles Game Pass release is planned, you can make your purchase of the game if you are looking to play it right now. Otherwise, if you are interested in holding out, a possible Game Pass release down the road might be worth waiting for. If you are a tactical RPG fan, there are already a number of great games in the genre on the Xbox Game Pass games list for you to check out.