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Metroid Prime Switch remaster evidence keeps mounting

In a livestream, journalist Jeff Grubb confidently speculates that a Metroid Prime Switch remaster will release this year, and may be announced soon

Metroid Prime Switch Remaster: Metroid's Samus wearing the iconic armor

A journalist has been told “pretty definitively” that a Metroid Prime remaster for the Nintendo Switch is going to release during the 2022 holiday season, further supporting similar reports that the iconic GameCube title was getting a remaster.

Speaking on the GiantBomb Game Mess Mornings livestream, journalist Jeff Grubb hints that as well as this month’s Nintendo Direct focusing on third-party games, another showcase focusing on first-party games could also be happening next month in July. Grubb says announcements such as the Bayonetta 3 release date have to be done at some point, and suggests this might happen in a “mini Direct” focused on Nintendo titles soon.

Leading on from this, he says that one game that needs announcing officially is a remaster of Metroid Prime for the Switch, which he confidently believes will be releasing during the holiday season and probably in line with the original game’s 20th anniversary.

“I’ve been told pretty definitively that Metroid Prime remastered is going to be one of their [Nintendo’s] big holiday games,” Grubb says. “In the past this is something I heard was in the works, they have things happening with that game, now it’s like I’ve been told their plans are to release that game this holiday, I think almost certainly to line up with the 20th anniversary in November. So that’s happening, and they need to tell us when that release date is.”

This checks out with rumours that were reported earlier this year.

Metroid Prime broke boundaries for the Metroid series when it hit the GameCube in 2002, being the first to have 3D graphics and be played from a first-person perspective.

The action adventure game has been high on Nintendo fans’ lists for future remasters, and with 2021’s Metroid Dread being a huge critical success, Metroid hype is certainly high.