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Metal Hellsinger best weapons and guns to slay demons with

Want to know what are the most consistent weapons to use in Metal Hellsinger? Here are our couple of choice for the best weapons in Metal Hellsinger

Metal Hellsinger Best Weapons: The player can be seen shooting a large demon

Metal Hellsinger offers a lot of ways to kill demons from slashing, slaughtering, and shooting. But, if you opt for the third choice, you are probably keen to know what some of the best weapons in Metal Hellsinger are.

The shooter doesn’t have the widest range of guns for a shooter, but each of the guns looks incredible and they pack a punch. However, while you do unlock some weapons later in the game, the earliest ones you can grab are really the best in the game. And, after some time with the game, we have found a number of them that are really worth using when in a fight!

So, to see our suggestions for Metal Hellsinger’s best weapons, check out our guide below:

Metal Hellsinger best weapons

These are our three choices for the best weapons in Metal Hellsinger:


Persephone is the first ranged weapon you get in Metal Hellsinger and it is one of the strongest. The powerful, pump-action shotgun is capable of obliterating your enemies and has a decent range to boot.

It’s ultimate ability as well is a powerful shot that can tear through multiple enemies and completely clear out a pack of high-level threats. It is by far the most reliable weapon in the game and it should always be a weapon you have in your loadout.

The Hounds

The Hounds are the most accurate and arguably the most powerful weapon in the game due to their fast fire rate. However, they are better at a medium or long range. Therefore it works with Persephone quite well.

You will need to rack up shots consistently to take down the bigger enemies in the game, but the shots are so powerful that it will also stun most of them or keep them away from you. Therefore, a combination of both The Hounds and Perspehone makes for one of the best loadouts in the game.


The Hellcrow is our third choice and a backup. It isn’t as trusty as the other two weapons but is capable of killing most low-level demons in one hit and does quite high damage.

However, it is a high-skill weapon, though. You need to be accurate and land your throws of the two knives accurately to be able to deal that high damage. You also need to maintain a rhythm between throwing and catching the Hellcrows. It takes some mastery and practice to really get to grips with his weapon, but if you are able to you are rewarded massively.

So now you know what weapons you should be slaying with, why not check out the levels you will be slaying in? And, if you are curious about the songs in the game see the full Metal Hellsinger soundtrack so you know which of the best weapons will pair the best with the music.