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Metal Hellsinger levels: every main mission, Hell, Torment

Want to know the full list of Metal Hellsinger levels and every main mission, Hell and Toremnt there is to complete? Here is the full list

Metal Hellsinger Levels: The player can be seen shooting some grunts

Metal Hellsinger is a linear experience with a number of different levels for you to work your way through. But while you are progressing through those Metal Hellsinger levels there is more to experience, including higher difficulty levels and various Hells and Torments.

But, if you are just getting started, or maybe want to see how the length of the game looks when getting a glimpse of the levels, you will want a list of the Metal Hellsinger levels. This article offers exactly that.

In fact, below, you can find a list of all of those levels, split into the main missions and each Torment that is unlocked after beating those core story levels.

Metal Hellsinger levels

You can find the full list of Metal Hellsinger levels, main missions, Hells, and Torments:

  • Tutorial
  • Voke 
  • Killing With Rhythm I (Torment)
  • Weapon Trickey I (Torment)
  • Relic Thief I (Torment)
  • Stygia
  • Giantslayer I (Torment)
  • Death’s Edge I (Torment)
  • Relic Thief II (Torment)
  • Yhelm
  • Ultimate Mastery I (Torment)
  • Killing With Rhythm II (Torment)
  • Weapon Trickery II (Torment)
  • Incaustis
  • Slaughter Mastery I (Torment)
  • Giantslayer II (Torment)
  • Relic Thief III (Torment)
  • Gehenna
  • Death’s Edge II (Torment)
  • Killing With Rhythm III (Torment)
  • Weapon Trickery III (Torment)
  • Nihil
  • Ultimate Mastery II (Torment)
  • Slaughter Mastery II (Torment)
  • Giantslayer III (Torment)
  • Acheron 
  • Death’s Edge III (Torment)
  • Ultimate Mastery III (Torment)
  • Slaughter Mastery III (Torment)
  • Sheol

And there you have it, so as you can see there are nine levels, including the tutorial and a total of 21 Torments to play through as you are slaying demons to the beat. While that might not seem like a lot, most of the length here comes from replaying the game on higher difficulties or trying levels multiple times to boost your score.

If you want to see what tracks you will be slaying to while making your way through these Metal hellsinger levels, check out our guide on the Metal Hellsinger soundtrack. And, if you are torn on whether the game is for you our Metal Hellsinger review should give you a good idea of why the game offers “some of the best FPS action you will find anywhere this year”