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MGS Delta Snake Eater remake leaves an MGS4 remaster in a tricky spot

The Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater remake is great news for MGS3 fans, but the MGS Master Collection could signal trouble for a potential MGS4 remaster.

Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4

Perhaps one of the worst-kept secrets as of late, the Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater remake is officially on the way toward PS5 and Xbox owners. Developer Konami is bundling Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater with other classic titles in the MGS franchise, under the moniker of the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol 1. However, it might be bad news for fans hoping for a Metal Gear Solid 4 remaster.

During the recent PlayStation Showcase we learned that Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, in its original form, would be bundled in the first MGS Master Collection ahead of the revamped MGS Delta Snake Eater remake. With other games such as the first two Metal Gear entries joining the first bundle, this would indicate that a second volume would incorporate Metal Gear Solid 4 Sons of the Patriots. However, due to the complex process of emulating PlayStation 3 games, we might not be able to enjoy MGS4 on current hardware anytime soon.

Developing games for PS3 hardware has racked up a reputation over the years, with many studios adding its own two cents regarding the difficulty of adhering to the system’s hardware. Notably, complications surrounding the release of GTA 4 for the PS3 were supposedly down to navigating several development obstacles.

With the game’s availability remaining exclusive to the PS3, avid PC savants have taken it upon themselves to get the game working via RPCS3 emulation.

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Hopefully, Konami can make the process of actually playing MGS4 far easier than running it alongside some of the best PC games out there. The Konami website bills the collection as “the first in a new collection of games from the legendary series”, suggesting that we could see games like Portable Ops, Peace Walker, Revengence, and even MGS Acid down the line.

The upcoming MGS bundle specifies that each version of the game is the “Master Collection” version of the game, as opposed to the HD Collection versions of MGS2 and MGS3 respectively. Here’s hoping for well-implemented haptic and adaptive trigger features going forward. In the build-up to the MGS3 Snake Eater remake though, we do know that Hideo Kojima’s involvement will be disappointing for fans to hear.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is essential going forward after the Snake Eater remake, considering that it wraps up each major story beat present in the franchise. Due to the difficult nature of PS3 hardware, we’d be lucky if Konami decides to give MGS4 the remake treatment too, as opposed to a Master Collection remaster. Either way, we know that the announcement of MGS4 joining many upcoming PS5 games would make us freak out in the best way possible.