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Meet Your Maker release date, gameplay, more

Prepare for a Mincraft-meets-Doom Eternal-like experience with this sandbox first-person shooter when the Meet Your Maker release date comes around

Meet Your Maker release date: Raider escaping an Outpost in Meet Your Maker

There were plenty of exciting trailers at The Game Awards 2022, but one that took many by surprise was the Meet Your Maker release date trailer. Looking like a mix-match of Minecraft, Doom Eternal, and various other sandbox and shooter games, Meet Your Maker tasks you with building and raiding.

Combining a strategic sandbox experience with intense action gameplay, Meet Your Maker looks to be a weird, yet wonderful time for those who like player-generated content and lots of chaos. We’ve been looking forward to the game since the Meet Your Maker reveal trailer came out. But when can you expect to start playing the game from the developers of Dead By Daylight?

Meet Your Maker release date

Meet Your Maker is set to release on April 4, 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. However, players can experience the game earlier by signing up for the Meet Your Maker beta playtest.

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The beta playtest is expecting to start sometime in Winter 2022, but the site says that every player will be accepted, so it is definitely worth signing up if Meet Your Maker interests you.

Meet Your Maker gameplay

Meet Your Maker combines strategic sandbox and chaotic action, with players switching the roles of Raiders and Builders.

As a Builder, you can craft elaborate and dangerous Outposts for other players to raid, and watch them as they do so. You can add a variety of traps, enemies, and split the Outpost into numerous levels. Raiders have to bravely enter Outposts, tasked with completing the gauntlet of challenges that Builders have crafted. We’re sure there will be plenty of Squid Game-inspired Outposts when the game releases.

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