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Is Marathon crossplay?

Find out if Marathon crossplay is available in Bungie’s sci-fi extraction shooter on PS5, Xbox, and PC, so you can play with your friends on any platform.

Marathon crossplay: A robotic looking figure wearing white and green armor and visor holding a black gun. A structure of some kind can be seen in the background, blurred.

Marathon, Bungie’s reboot of the classic shooter, already looks to be a really intriguing experience, with highly stylized sci-fi PvP action. Though, with the increasing demand to play games with friends on other platforms, you may be wondering about Marathon crossplay features. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover everything we know about crossplay in Marathon.

With Marathon being announced at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, we’ve already got some interesting details about the game. Though, as Bungie stated in the Marathon ViDoc, we likely won’t be hearing more until we’re much closer to the Marathon release date.

Is Marathon crossplay?

Bungie has confirmed that Marathon features crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms, so players on any of these platforms can play together.

This was confirmed in a PlayStation blog for Marathon, which states that Marathon will have ‘full cross-play and cross-save’ features. This news isn’t all that surprising, given Bungie has full crossplay features in their other major title, Destiny 2. Nevertheless, it’s certainly good news that players on any platform can enter the dangerous arena of Tau Ceti IV together, no matter what platform they own the game on.

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With Marathon being a PvP extraction shooter, crossplay will no doubt be an invaluable feature for many players, since having teammates in extraction shooters, especially friends, can be the difference between life and death.

And that’s all you need to know about Marathon crossplay. When the Marathon release date finally lands, you’ll be able to explore Tau Ceti IV in search of riches alongside your friends. While we wait, why not get a glimpse of what to expect by playing some of the best competitive FPS games? We’ve also got the best Xbox FPS games and best PS5 FPS games if you’re looking for more great options.