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Madden 23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process - how it works

Want to understand the Madden 23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process? Here is how it works and you can ensure you can get the enhanced version of the game

Madden 23 PS4 PS5 Upgrade: Players can be seen catching the ball

The Madden 23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process is once again less than simple with multiple different editions of the game and some convoluted processes for updating on PS5 consoles. But, this guide will cover exactly how that upgrade process works for Madden NFL 23 on consoles.

As there have been for the last few years, there are two different base editions of Madden NFL 23 on Xbox and PlayStation. One for the PS4 and Xbox One generations and then another for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S generation of consoles. But, buying either of those won’t get you the game on both generations of consoles.

Instead, you will need to fork up some extra money and this guide will cover the Madden 23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process on your console using that other edition of the game.

Madden 23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process explained

The Madden 23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process requires you to purchase the All Madden Edition of the game. This version is available for $99.99/£89.99.

Once you have purchased that version of the game digitally, you will then be given dual entitlement to the game and be able to download either version of it as both will be in your PlayStation library.

The exact same process can be applied to the Xbox versions of Madden 23 to get both versions of the game.

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