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Is Madden 23 crossplay and cross-platform?

Here's everything The Loadout knows about Madden 23 crossplay and cross-platform support in one handy guide to the NFL videogame famous for ultimate team

madden 23 crossplay tackling the player with the ball

Whether you’re a New England Patriots fan who likes to deflate balls or you’re a New York Jets fan living in the shadow of the Giants, it’s that time of year again when EA’s latest NFL outing – Madden 23 – is upon us. We’re all preparing to hit the gridiron, rip open packs to build the best ultimate team possible, and dominate the opposition online. But, for that, we actually need to matchmake with other players, and with it becoming more common to be able to play with players on different platforms, Madden 23 crossplay would definitely be a step forward for the series.

It would allow for a larger, more healthy playerbase, and you can finally stomp that one friend who only plays by themself on Xbox.

Here’s everything we know about if Madden 23 crossplay and cross-platform support will be available at launch.

Is Madden 23 crossplay and cross-platform?

Madden 23 crossplay and cross-platform support has not been confirmed for the game.

However, we know that FIFA 23 is rumoured to be getting crossplay, which means that Madden 23 might also receive cross-platform features after release.

That means that there is still a chance that you will be able to head out onto the gridiron with friends who play on different platforms to you. We expect to get more information from EA soon, so we’ll update this guide as soon as we can once we have confirmation on whether crossplay will be implemented or not.

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