When will Madden 22 be on Game Pass?

When does Madden 22 come out on game pass and hit EA Play's library?


Madden NFL 22 is now out there in the wild and those on Xbox and PC have been getting stuck into the many updates this year's entry has received. But, since EA Play is included in Game Pass, fans are keen to know when Madden 22 will come out on Game Pass.

Madden 22 introduces a host of new features this time around including dynamic gameplay that fuses next-gen stats-driven AI with an immersive stadium atmosphere to emulate the real football experience. Franchise mode has also been overhauled and refreshed and now features new mechanics.

But enough about the game, let’s get into Madden 22 on Xbox Game Pass, courtesy of EA Play. If you're looking for answers to the questions: 'Is Madden 22 available on Game Pass?' and 'when will Madden 22 be on Game Pass?', read on.

When Will Madden 22 Be On Game Pass?

Madden 22 will be on Game Pass sometime in 2022, providing that EA Play is still a part of the subscriptions library. Madden 21 was added to EA Play in March 2021.

So, to answer the question when does Madden 22 come out on Game Pass?, it seems probable that Madden 22 will hit Game Pass in March 2022 when it is added to the EA Play library.

Madden 22 will also join a number of other EA Sports games which are currently available on Game Pass and you can find the full Game Pass games list here. A number of games have just joined the service in the August 2021 Game Pass games drop, with more expected next month with the September 2021 Game Pass games.

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