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Does Like A Dragon Ishin have an English dub?

Find out the answer to the question about if Like A Dragon ishin has an English dub with the latest details from SEGA in this guide.

Like A Dragon Ishin English Dub: Kiryu can be seen

Are you wondering does Like A Dragon Ishin has an English dub? With the long-awaited spinoff finally making its way to the West, not everyone prefers the native Japanese dub for the Yakuza games. But, is the option of an English dub there or will the game be an outlier in the series in the modern era?

We really enjoyed our time with the game in our Like A Dragon Ishin review and it would be great if everyone could experience the mayhem, fun, and typical Yakuza antics you would expect in the way they would like. Especially with a reformatted combat system with a number of Like A Dragon Ishin fighting styles and battle styles.

Like A Dragon Ishin does not have an English dub, with the game only playable in Japanese. This was revealed by RGG Studios in an interview with TojoDojo.

The game’s producer, Yokoyama said that “the specialized vocabulary and the way people talked during the Bakumatsu era (the game’s setting) would make the lines incredibly long so it just wouldn’t work. So this time we’re doing subtitles” This does make sense, but also this is simply a remake of the spinoff title rather than a brand new game and fully voicing all the characters would cost quite a bit, so it does make sense why only the Japanese dub will be available.

That covers if Like A Dragon Ishin has an English dub. For more on the game or to prepare yourself for you how much you will need to listen to Japanese voice while playing our Like A Dragon Ishin length guide will tell you how long the game is.