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Like A Dragon Ishin length - how long to beat

Get an idea of the Like A Dragon Ishin length and how long it takes to beat the remastered RPG in its new form for Western audiences

Like A Dragon Ishin Length: A character can be seen

Are you finally jumping into the long-awaited Like A Dragon Ishin? Well, with the Western release, there is a bunch of new players jumping into the game for the first time. As such, they are keen to know what the Like A Dragon Ishin length is so they can carve out enough time for what the game offers.

Below, you can find a full rundown of the time it takes to beat the game, including a focused story run and a full completionist playthrough (which is how you should really play Yakuza). There will, of course, be some variation to the time you spend in Like A Dragon Ishin, however, depending on exactly what you do in your time with the game.

The Like A Dragon Ishin length is about 20-24 hours for a regular story-focused playthrough. Completing some side activities will likely increase it quite significantly, however, up to around 40-50 hours depending on how much you do.

If you are going after a full completionist playthrough, you are easily looking at between 80 and 120 hours depending on how well you optimise your time in the game and your skill. As with most Yakuza games, there are a lot of minigames, side activities, and optional objectives you can take on that extend the game’s length in this way.

With the Like A Dragon Ishin length you can now work your way through the game. If you are still on the fence about buying it, then check out our Like A Dragon Ishin review to see why we loved the long-awaited spinoff.