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Life Is Strange: True Colors Birdwatcher trophy and achievement guide

How to help the Birdwatcher find her bird in the park in Chapter Two of Life Is Strange True Colors.

Birds can be seen sitting on a fence.

One of the side objectives within Life Is Strange: True Colors is to help the birdwatcher find her bird in Chapter Two of the game. It is one of the earlier objectives you can complete, but not a particularly complex one, especially compared to some of the other objectives in later chapters.

The birdwatcher in the chapter is found in the park area of Haven Springs and slowly makes her way through the area as you progress. Helping her find her bird will award you with the Bird Spotting trophy and achievement, contributing towards your Platinum trophy hunt for the game on PlayStation or reaching 100% achievement completion on Xbox.

But, read on for details on the Birdwatcher trophy and achievement in Life Is Strange: True Colors and how you can help the woman find the bird in the park.

Life Is Strange True Colors Birdwatcher trophy and achievement guide

As mentioned above, the woman with the binoculars can be found in the park in Haven Springs in Chapter Two.

Initially, the woman will start at the front entrance, but will move through the park as you progress through this part of the chapter. Scan her aura to learn that she is looking for her prized bird for the competition.

From there, you can find the bird in the big tree behind the Brown Bear Diner. After using the ‘Look’ command on it, talk to the birdwatcher to tell her where the bird is.

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