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Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations

Whether you're playing on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch, we have all the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations below

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Data Card Locations: Rey can be seen walking up a hill

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is huge and TT Games has packed this game with tons of collectibles for you to find. If you want to start making big bucks, or try out some cheats, you’re going to need to find all the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations. Thankfully, we have exactly what you need below.There’s a total of 19 Datacards to find in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and each one can be used to unlock one of the games’ cheats. Whether you’re looking for a Stud multiplier, or something more comical like Baguette Lightsabers, there’s a lot of reasons to try and find all the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations available.

Saying that is all well and good, but how do you actually find them? Well, continue reading and you’ll discover exactly what you need to know. Then, you can start buying cheats.

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Data Card locations

The Data Card locations in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga can be found on planets like Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Jakku, Hoth, and more. You can also see them in video form below, thanks to JayShockBlast:

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Cantonica Data Card Locations

Canto Bight Data Card location

At Canto Bight’s Old Town, walk along the main street until you see a path leading inwards to an inner set of alleys that has an alley shaped like a long rectangle.

Look for handholds on the buildings and grapple to them, before jumping down to the Data Card on the balcony.

Cloud City Data Card Locations

Admin Building Data Card location

From the Landing Pad on Cloud City, head to the Admin Building and walk around to the backside of its upper level.

Coruscant Data Card Locations

Federal District Data Card location

The Data Card in the Federal District is in the northwest of Senate View. Head to the platform on the northern edge and jump and walk across the platforms below.

A barrier will be blocking the room with the Data Card. Follow the wires and destroy the items where they lead to and have each character step on one of the buttons at the same time to deactivate the barrier.

Uscru District Data Card location

The Uscru Data Card is on the lower level of the district, just outside the club. Head to the ring-shaped area and use the small pillars in the barrier to jump to that ringed structure. Run around to find the Data Card.

Crait Data Card Locations

Crait Outpost Data Card location

At the landing pad at the outpost, jump along the rafters to the left, and climb up.

Once up here jump and grapple to the handhold by the Data Card just ahead of you.

Dagobah Data Card Locations

Dragonsnake Bog Data Card location

In the bog, you can find a key on a chest. From there, turn around and head into the windy woods to find the Data Card on a branch.

Grapple up to that branch to collect the Data Card.

Endor Data Card Locations

Ewok Village Data Card location

At the Ewok Village landing pad, make your way around the tree to your right and down. Continue down until you reach the very bottom.

Down here you will see a cooking pot on a fire. Just to the side is a target obstructed by some vines. Shoot the vines and the target to open a hatch in the tree next to you with the Data Card.

Exogol Data Card Locations

Sith Citadel Data Card location

At the landing pad, walk underneath the large structures, until you see a pit which drops down beneath the planet.

Continue along the Citadel and use the stairs and rope to reach the pipes and grab the Data Card high above you.

Geonosis Data Card Locations

Stalgasin Hive Data Card location

The Geonosis Data Card can be found at the Stalgasin Hive in the Canyons. Here you will find a tall cliff that you can grapple up to or use a Scavenger’s gear on.

Continue climbing up and head eastwards. Once you reach the edge, drop down to a ledge below you and continue on towards some more handholds. Climb up from here to find the Data Card.

Hoth Data Card Locations

Echo Base Data Card location

The Echo Base card is in the Main Hangar. Head to the northeast corner and you’ll find a handhold. Grapple to it and climb the ice wall and jump to the bar on top of the walkway.

Now, continue along and grapple to the bar on the light fixture and then drop off and grapple to the next one with the card on it.

Jakku Data Card Locations

Nima Outpost Data Card location

The only Data Card on Jakku is at the Nima Canyon. From the Jakku pad, head down the sand dunes and look for the cylindrical crashed ship. Climb onto the ship and jump into the hole to find the Data Card.

Kashyyk Data Card Locations

Kachirho Data Card location

The Kachirho Data Card can be found at the Tree Vikkilynn. From the south landing spot, head north and walk up the roots o the tree.

At the top, you will find some Wookie platforms, take a left and double jump to reach the next platform and grab the Data Card.

Kef Bir Data Card Locations

Crash Site Data Card location

At the Crash Site, head up the hill directly opposite from where you can see the Death Star ruins. Follow the path around to the Company 77 Village.

Behind the first hut on your left to find the Data Card.

Mustafar Data Card Locations

Mining Complex Data Card location

The Mining Complex Data Card can be found in the northern section of the map. Once on the catwalk with yellow-lit steps and a lava stream on your right, run up the steps and climb up.

On the platform, head to the southeast corner to find a large pipe. Look over the edge to find some handholds on the pipe. Grapple to it and continue along to find the Data Card.

Takodana Data Card Locations

Maz’s Castle Data Card location

At Maz’s Castle, turn around from where you land and look for a brown pillar with a handheld.

Grapple up to it and push the button to reveal a chest with the Data Card in it.

Tatooine Data card Locations

Jundland Wastes Data Card location

The first Data Card can be found on Tatooine can be found at the highest point of the Jundland Wastes close to the centre of the area. Climb up Ben Kenobi’s old house and jump up with a Jedi.

At the top, there is some debris which you can use the Force on to pull a pole to a slot in the rock. At the top, you can find the Data Card by a rock.

Mos Eisley Data Card location

The next Data Card can be found at the Civilian Quarters. A building with three sunroofs will have the Data Card floating underneath it.

Use the force to create a tower of blocks on the nearby blocks and jump to it.

Mos Espa Data Card location

The Mos Espa Data Card can be found at the Slave Quarters in Mos Espa. Head through the archway and look out for the house with the glowing doorway.

Climb on top of the house and head behind it to find the Data Card in a small back room.

Yavin 4 Data Card Locations

Great Temple Data Card location

The first Yavin 4 Data Card can be found at the Great Temple. Head to the middle of the hangar and stand on the big, brick bridge that goes over the whole room.

Grapple up to the handholds to find the Data Card at the top.

That covers all the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Data Card locations. For more tips and collectable help, check out our rundown of the level challenges in the game, how to unlock all vehicles, and more in our Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga walkthrough.