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League of Legends players are receiving a sussy survey from Riot

A League of Legends survey is asking players whether they would wine and dine champions from Riot Games' massively popular MOBA game

League of Legends romance survey: Pantheon blushing

League of Legends developer Riot Games has recently sent out a new survey to players, which includes a question querying just how much they wish to “romance” a random champion. And some of the assigned characters are a little bit… sus.

Taking to Reddit to share their experience, ‘hemorrmage’ notes that they had been asked, on a scale from one to five, how much they would want to romance Pantheon. “[I] closed the link right after that given how weird it was”, they say.

Of course, Pantheon is fairly innocuous by League’s standards. After all, The Artisan of War is your typical hunky human. However, others haven’t been quite as fortunate when it comes to the champion assigned to them in the survey, which also asks if and how players identify with the MOBA game’s ever-expanding roster of characters.

“I deadass got the same question but for Zoe”, ‘Squiggleberry’ reports. While, yes, Zoe is 5,000 years old, The Aspect of Twilight maintains the appearance of a child. Yikes.

League of Legends romance survey: an example of the survey

And it’s not just human characters which are being thrown around, either. Twitter user ‘Knave’ shares that they had been asked if Anivia – a literal ice phoenix – was a bit of them. That’s clucked up.

Though the survey is seemingly targeted at developing a better understanding of player sentiment towards League’s champions, asking if they’d “romance” them is certainly a bit more left field than some are comfortable with.

Additionally, it raises the question as to what this data would exactly inform, be it the development of new merch – like the body pillows LoL Korea recently launched – or even a new, dating-based sim of some sort (perhaps as part of an in-game event, or an entirely new experience altogether).

The Loadout has reached out to Riot for comment.