You can now sleep with your League of Legends main, sort of

Nara Home Deco has released a new range of League of Legends Star Guardian body pillows as part of a collaborative collection with developer Riot Games

League of Legends Star Guardian body pillows: Star Guardian Ahri

It’s a familiar scenario for many League of Legends players: you wake up after blissfully dreaming of touching grass, roll over, and give your partner a big old squeeze. However, your partner is, of course, an official full length Star Guardian Ahri body pillow – just like the ones League of Legends Korea is now selling as part of a new collection.

As shared to Reddit by ‘Her-akles’, it looks like developer Riot Games is finally doing more for the down bad demographic by selling pillows for Ahri, Akali, Lux, and Zoe – although we’d argue you’ll probably want to avoid the latter.

Alongside the line-up of body pillows, fans of one of the best MOBA games will be able to snag smaller cushion covers to decorate their rooms with, as well as a selection of smartphone holders. You can check out the original Instagram post here.

According to the Nara Home Deco website the collection is currently for sale on, body pillows will set players back 30,000 Won (~$23), pillow covers 12,000 Won (~$9), and smartphone holders 10,000 Won (~$7.50).

League of Legends Star Guardian body pillows: a picture showing off body pillows, cushions, and smartphone holders

Although the collection is only available on the Korean version of the site for now, that’s not to say it won’t traverse the stars (or at least the ocean) and make its way onto the company’s global site.

To be honest, we are surprised it has taken Riot this long to tap into a sizable portion of its player base, but we’re still glad to see the developer is upping the ante on its merchandising efforts.