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League of Legends Rell midscope update hopes to help her find form

The League of Legends Rell midscope update looks to give the Iron Maiden a new lease on life, with a number of her abilities being chopped and changed.

League of Legends Rell midscope update: Rell

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced that there are “a number of midscopes” in the works for some of the MOBA game’s iconic champions. While there’s little to be said about Neeko and Ivern for now, the studio has opened up about what we can expect from the Rell midscope update in a new dev blog.

Speaking on the Iron Maiden, champions team designer Stephen ‘Raptor’ Auker says that, although Rell “has an exciting fantasy and playstyle” thanks to her forms, “she feels overly punished when she misses W.” Additionally, the dev admits that the studio missed the mark a bit when it comes to her mounted form.

In her current state, Rell definitely needs some love. With a paltry 1.4% pick rate in Plat+ at the time of writing, according to U.GG, even Twitch is being picked up as a support more often than she is.

To fix this, Raptor explains that there were three main goals when it came to revitalising Rell: “lean into the mounted/dismounted fantasy”, “increase play pattern variance”, and “sand off some QoL issues”. You can read more about what those entail exactly in the blog post.

As a result of this process, Rell is coming away with a brand new E, while her Q now carries the old E’s stun. Furthermore, her dismounted attack speed and range have been buffed, while her self-slow has been softened. While mounted, Rell should now feel faster, but without being “too much of a roamer during laning” – a relief for many LoL ranked players, we’re sure.

Although a Rell midscope release date has yet to be set, Raptor notes that “finishing touches like VFX, SFX, animations, and fixing bugs” are in progress. Riot’s even “exploring her viability in roles outside of support”, though it doesn’t look like she’ll budge too far from her intended role.