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League of Legends Pride Month is here and it comes packed with emotes

Every game in the League of Legends universe is getting pride content this year from emotes and icons to homeguard trails celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community

LEague of LEgends pride 2022: TF and Graves on a rainbow slide

We’ve known for a little while that Twisted Fate and Graves were going to be in the spotlight for the League of Legends Pride Month this year, but other than a brief look at the icons from the PBE, we’ve been kept in the dark. Well, Riot Games has finally lifted the curtain on this year’s celebrations and fans are in for a treat.

This is the seventh year that Riot has celebrated LGBTQIA+ folks and allies, and while this celebration isn’t unique to League, these cosmetics are. This year, eight Pride Icons will be available, which can be picked up for one blue essence each. These icons will activate homeguard trails that celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, effectively echoing the colours of the many pride flags.

You’ll also have the chance to unlock three new emotes by completing a series of missions in game. These missions will only be available until the end of June, so if you want to nab one of TF and Graves, Rainbow Poros, or an animated one, you’ll need to be quick.

The missions themselves aren’t too taxing either. The one for the TF and Graves and Rainbow Poro emotes require you to play one game in a premade group or earn 750 points from time spent playing and winning games. For the animated emote, you’ll need to earn 40,000 gold or earn 750 points from time spent playing and winning games.

And if that isn’t enough, Riot promises that a larger narrative beat is coming for our Bilgewater duo later down the line. When that’ll be though, isn’t clear.

Of course, it’s not only League of Legends getting the goodies – the rest of the Runeterra universe is too. Legends of Runeterra’s cards are getting a lick of rainbow-coloured paint, along with a Guardian, emote, and icon. Teamfight Tactics are getting Pride booms again, which can be unlocked through two easy missions, and Wilf Rift fans can get their hands on a new emote, icon, and temporary trail by playing a few games too.

Whatever game you play, there’s a Pride celebration waiting for you. We’re going to focus on getting those homeguard trails for our upcoming LoL ranks climb, though.