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League of Legends Pride 2022 will feature Twisted Fate and Graves

The League of Legends Pride emotes and the icons are now available on the PBE - but devs are collecting feedback before they hit live servers

League of Legends pride 2022: A Pengu LGTQAI+ flag with Twisted and Graves

This year’s pride month is just around the corner and Riot Games is once again kicking things off in style in Runeterra by offering League of Legends players the chance to get their hands on more fancy skins. This time around, it appears partners in crime Twisted Fate and Graves will be taking the rainbow coloured spotlight.

The pair, who in fanon are considered “bitter ex-lovers” following the Burning Tides event, currently have pride emotes on the PBE right now (via Reddit). These emotes show the pair embracing and holding hands in a similar vein to the Leona with Diana cosmetics last year.

These emotes are also accompanied by a series of Pengu-themed icons, in which these lovable little mascots hold aloft flags representing the lesbian, LGBT, pansexual, gay, trans, bisexual, asexual, and non-binary communities.

While this content is on the PBE at the moment, the devs are currently taking feedback. Some have argued that the names for the Twisted Fate and Graves emotes – Partners in Crime and Accepted – are too generic, while others have asked for more LGBTQIA+ flags to be added.

This is the fifth year Riot Games has run a Pride-focused event across its games. It all started with the Rainbow Fluft Icon in 2018, but since then the event has morphed into something much bigger – with free content being offered to League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and Valorant last year.

Riot also raised money for the It Gets Money Project by releasing Pride-themed merch last year. It’s currently unclear if a similar fundraiser is planned this year.