LoL modder turns to the dark side with custom Star Wars Swain skin

The League of Legends Palpatine Swain custom skin is the Star Wars crossover we always wanted. Now the grand general can hold dominion over far more than Noxus.

League of Legends Palpatine Swain custom skin: Swain

A League of Legends modder has brought the greatest evil from a galaxy far, far away to Summoner’s Rift, promoting Swain from visionary ruler of Noxus to imperial emperor in the process.

That’s right, you can now grant the Noxian grand general unlimited power in your LoL ranked games thanks to a custom Emperor Palpatine skin, courtesy of ‘JesusMessiah’ over on RuneForge. In a sneak peek shared by the creator to Reddit, we can see Sidious’ sinister visage in its full glory, complete with reskinned effects for Swain’s abilities.

While the process of creating a skin like this is “quite lengthy” according to JesusMessiah, the outcome is certainly worth it. Swain even screams “unlimited power!” as he activates Demonic Ascension – how’s that for fulfilling a power fantasy?

You can check out the full trailer for the skin below. If you like what you see, you can head over to the RuneForge page for the skin here. Of course, take care when using custom content for your game, as while Riot Games seems to be indifferent to it right now – with a number of streamers currently using custom skins – the studio has every right to change its stance down the line.

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Palpatine Swain isn’t the only custom skin in JesusMessiah’s arsenal. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure enjoyers will be pleased to know that Kars Kha’Zix (Kars’Zix?) exists, while Nasus can open up the Black Gate of Mordor (or the enemy base) as Sauron.