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The new League of Legends mode will let you augment champions like TFT

League of Legends is being spliced with Teamfight Tactics to create a brand new, 2v2v2v2 experience that developer Riot Games is set to ship this summer.

League of Legends new mode augments: Ahri

Last month, Riot Games announced that a new mode was coming to hit MOBA game League of Legends. Now, the studio has revealed new details on what players can expect to encounter when they load into the new League of Legends mode – a 2v2v2v2 “deathmatch-style” experience that will allow them to not only experience a fresh take on League, but as a part of that will actually allow players to use augments to customise their champions.

Writing in a new dev blog, ‘Cadmus’ says that the goals of the new mode – which will be shipped in “an experimental state” at some point this Summer – include getting players into “champion vs champion combat” quickly, pushing champion customisation “beyond where League has traditionally gone”, and minimising “time spent dead or trapped in a frustrating game.”

In this new, deathmatch-style mode champions will progressively scale as they do on Summoner’s Rift in your LoL ranked games. But there’s a twist – augments. Teamfight Tactics enjoyers will already be well-versed with augmentation in Riot’s games, but now the full-sized versions of Leagues characters will be able to have their playstyles switched up between rounds.

For example, Cadmus says they’ve seen everything from Sylas casting Lissandra W every five seconds, to a 500 attack range Ekko, to an explosive Kai’Sa-shaped nuke.

League of Legends new mode augments: example augments

Once teams have lost enough combat rounds, they’ll be eliminated, allowing players to instantly queue back up. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see how Riot blends TFT and League. Let’s just hope we don’t get Mortdogged…