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League of Legends Neeko disguise bug turns her into giant death turret

A new League of Legends Neeko disguise bug has arrived just in time for Preseason 2023, and developer Riot Games will want to patch this out as soon as possible

League of Legends Neeko disguise bug: Neeko

League of Legends has all sorts of new features in its 2023 Preseason package. However, between the plethora of jungle changes and XP tweaks, a new Neeko disguise bug has slipped through the cracks, and the Curious Chameleon is causing havoc across the Rift as a result of it.

League creator and bug catcher extraordinaire ‘Vandiril’ has uploaded a video showcasing the bug, which allows Neeko to assume the form of turrets and wolves – possibly among other things – to devastating effect. LoL ranked lobbies, beware.

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At level one, Neeko walks up to the mid lane turret, and somehow manages to transform into it with her passive. Typically, her Inherent Glamour only allows her to take on the appearance of allied champions, so we’re not quite sure what’s going on here.

From there, she proceeds to quickly chunk out the enemy turrets, completely eviscerating any champion that dares cross her path. We’ve heard of wolves in sheeps’ clothing, but Neeko switching from a wolf to a giant laser-firing monolith is a completely different beast.

Needless to say, developer Riot Games will be looking to put a stop to Neeko’s kaiju-esque rampage through the Rift as soon as possible.