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League of Legends Milio teaser arrives as Firebuddy appears on Rift

A new League of Legends Milio teaser has appeared on the Public Beta Environment, and it's reminiscent of a character from a certain Studio Ghibli film.

League of Legends Milio teaser: Firebuddy

The first League of Legends new champion release of 2023 could finally be upon us, as a new LoL Milio teaser for the upcoming enchanter has been spotted out on Summoner’s Rift.

In a video uploaded by ‘SkinSpotlights’, one of Milio’s fiery familiars, referred to here as a ‘Firebuddy’ can be seen chilling in one of the bot lane alcove’s braziers. It’s giving Runeterran ‘Spirited Away’, and we’re absolutely here for the Calcifercation of the Rift.

While the Firebuddy is only on the PBE for now, it most likely won’t be long before developer Riot Games ships the tiny bundle of toasty joy to the live servers.

As for Milio himself, the Ixtali enchanter was first teased towards the end of 2022 in Riot’s ‘Champions and Preseason 2023’ primer. Further details surrounding the champion, including his name, were revealed at the beginning of Season 13.

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The first male enchanter since Taric’s release all the way back in 2009, and the first male support since Rakan’s descent onto the Rift in 2017, a champion like Milio has certainly been long overdue.