League of Legends Milio bug meant he could give Baron the boot

A certain League of Legends Milio Baron bug gave the hit MOBA game's 163rd champion the ability to really ruin the giant purple worm's day.

League of Legends Milio Baron bug: Baron Nashor

League of Legends developer Riot Games has finally lifted the lid on everything its latest champion, Milio, has in store for players. However, it turns out that the young fire axiom wielder was actually so powerful during his development, that he was able to bully even the terrifying Baron Nashor.

Addressing the media as part of a recent roundtable event, game designer Myles ‘Emizery’ Salholm chuckles as he recounts a particularly game-breaking feat the Ixtali enchanter was able to pull off during development.

“When we were first implementing Ultra Mega Fire Kick – his Q – the knockback wasn’t gated by different types of units very well”, Emizery says. “So you could actually knock back Baron. I had at one point knocked Baron outside of the pit”

Of course, when the League of Legends Milio release date rolls round, players won’t have to worry about their Baron attempts being thwarted by a tiny fuemigo being pelted at it from across the pit. Nonetheless, we can imagine the shock on Baron’s multiple faces when it was booted over the wall, and out of his home.

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With that said, maybe Riot should have left the feature in. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra chaos in our LoL ranked games.