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League of Legends will let you earn Mastery Tokens in ARAM soon

According to competitive design lead BarackProbama, ARAM fiends will soon be able to use the League of Legends mode to get champions to Mastery six and seven.

League of Legends Mastery Tokens ARAM: Miss Fortune

A senior Riot Games developer has revealed that, from the upcoming League of Legends patch 13.5 update, players will not only be able to earn champion Mastery Tokens from their on-Rift activities, but from the MOBA game’s All Random, All Mid (ARAM) mode too.

Competitive team design lead Jordan ‘BarackProbama’ Checkman, who is responsible for ideating the change, says that Mastery six and seven tokens – which are typically earned through LoL ranked play – will become available to ARAM enjoyers when the new update lands. “I had to fight like 100 guys with increasingly larger weapons to make this happen,” he jokes on Twitter, “but in the end we got there.”

Mastery is an in-game progression system originally designed to track how much experience a player has on certain champions, and how well they play them. Champion Points, which are earned from playing champions across any of League’s game modes, will get players from levels one to five.

From there, League’s Hextech Crafting system takes over, and players are required to score an S grade on their champion of choice in order to earn a Mastery Token. Upgrading a champion to Mastery six requires two tokens, while Mastery seven requires three. On top of this, players must stump up either a fixed amount of Blue Essence – 2,450 for level six, 2,950 for level seven – a champion shard, or a champion permanent token.

With this new quality of life update, players will now not only be able to accrue these tokens faster by taking advantage of ARAM’s shorter-on-average game time – provided they actually perform, of course – but also accrue tokens for a broader variety of champions.