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Seraphine’s League of Legends ultimate creates a massive dance party

The pop sensation, Seraphine is the newest champion coming to League of Legends later this month

After months of rumours and speculation, Seraphine was finally announced as the newest champion coming to League of Legends yesterday. You may remember her from a collaboration with the global pop group sensation K/DA, but that’s not who she is portraying on the Rift. Seraphine is a Piltovan pop star with a sensitive and supportive nature, but in a world filled with combat where does a pop star fit into the mix?

Well, Seraphine’s abilities will focus heavily on “performing” to a crowd as some will offer buffs depending on how many players are near her when she casts. Seraphine looks capable as both an attack-minded mid lane champion but also as a support, with abilities that can offer speed buffs, shields, and health regeneration. Her Encore ultimate will deal magic damage to enemies and give enhancing ‘Notes’ to allies.

The beautiful Seraphine will have three skins, Seraphine Indie, Seraphine Rising Star, and Seraphine Superstar. Each form is unique to the stages of her musical career, from bedroom artist to international superstar and will be unlocked as you progress through missions in her storyline. She has some very support heavy abilities and a stunning musical AOE move that suits her performative personality exceptionally well.

The Piltovan pop sensation will be available from October 13 on the PBE, with her full release slated for Patch 10.22 later this month. K/DA released their brand new single back in August titled ‘The Baddest’, which is the first we have heard from them in over two years, they have also announced an EP will be coming later this year. Find out everything you need to know about Seraphine below.

SerapHine’s abilities:

  • Passive – Stage Presence: Every third basic ability Seraphine casts will echo, automatically casting a second time. Additionally, whenever she casts an ability nearby an ally, she will create a Note. Each Note gives her basic attacks more attack range and deals additional magic damage, consuming the Note.
  • Q – High Note: Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing magic damage that’s increased by the target’s missing health percentage.
  • W – Surround Sound: Seraphine surrounds her nearby allies in song, granting herself and her allies movement speed and a shield. If Seraphine is already shielded, she can heal nearby enemies, restoring health based on how many allies are near her.
  • E – Beat Drop: Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. Enemies that are already slowed are rooted, and already rooted enemies are stunned.
  • R – Encore: Seraphine takes the stage, projecting a captivating force that charms enemies and deals magic damage. Any champions struck (allies included) become part of the performance, extending the range of the ability and granting allies maximum Notes.

Seraphine quest skins:

Seraphine Indie:

When you purchase K/DA All Out Seraphine, you start off with how she was initially seen as a bedroom pop star collecting followers on social media and taking selfies with her cat.

Seraphine Rising Star:

Once you have completed three missions in her quest line, you’ll unlock the Seraphine that was discovered by Evelynn. She is a more confident musician and many fans.

Seraphine Superstar:

After receiving the Seraphine Rising Star skin, you will obtain this skin by completing the next two missions. This Seraphine has fans all over the world and is a fully realised collaborator of K/DA.

For 3,250 RP, K/DA All Out Seraphine will include her ultimate skin, two icons, an emote, and a border that can be obtained as part of her narrative quest line. The full missions list will be available in the Worlds 2020 player support article on October 29.