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Is League of Legends on Game Pass?

Get the latest on League of Legends on Game Pass so that you can jump in with access to the full roster of heroes and bonuses as well.

League of Legends Game Pass: Graves can be seen

League of Legends on Game Pass was a hotly anticipated arrival for most of 2022, largely because players wanted to get their hands on all the champions without having to grind to get them. But did it become a reality, and if so what do you need to do?

Below, you can find out exactly how to connect your game account with your subscription to Game Pass and when you can grab those benefits. So, if you are looking to get your hands on a champion you never unlocked or just finally give League of Legends a try, check out what you need to do to begin playing.

Is League of Legends on Game Pass?

League of Legends became available on Game Pass from December 12, 2022, with benefits for those who link their two accounts. These benefits include 160 champions, a 20% XP boost, and day-one access to every new champion as they’re released.

These bonuses will be available for as long as the deal remains so players can expect a long-term support plan. Account linking can be done right now and you can link your Riot account and Xbox account with our handy guide.

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Also, if you want more LoL action outside of the game itself, you can always check out the Arcane animated series on Netflix. Arcane Season 2 coming soon as well to provide an even greater League of Legends fix.