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Arcane showrunner teases Skrillex collab for next season of LoL series

Arcane Season 2 is coming and fans are eager to learn more, so showrunner Christian Linke has sent fans into a frenzy with the possibility of a Skrillex collab.

Legaue of Legends Arcane Season 2 Skrillex Teaser: an image of a girl from the LoL Netflix series

It’s never nice to be sat waiting for the next season – or chapter, or part – of a show you enjoy, and League of Legends fans have been waiting quite some time for the Arcane Season 2 release date to roll around. However, despite there being no official announcement from Netflix or Riot Games, Arcane co-creator and showrunner Christian Linke has seemingly teased a collaboration with the ever-talented Skrillex could be on the way – and fans are hyped.

Taking to the social media platform Twitter to ask his followers if there are “any dope music artists out there that should be part of Arcane Season 2“, Linke has also taken the time to tweet Skrillex directly with the simple opener “so I heard you like Arcane“.

With League of Legends as a franchise already boasting an impressive array of in-universe music, such as singles from KD/A (Villain, The Baddest) and the LoL Worlds Anthem from Lil Nas X (Star Walkin’), and Arcane Season 1 offering a respectable soundtrack and score, it was nigh-on inevitable that Arcane Season 2 would feature some incredible music.

However, we don’t think anyone expected the iconic Skrillex to make an appearance – let alone possibly be a major collaborator for the show’s music.

It’s important to note that this is all speculation at this point, but the fact that Skrillex might agree to help out with the music for Arcane Season 2 isn’t actually completely impossible. As an artist, Skrillex has something of a history with video game music. He collaborated with the incredible Hikaru Utada on Face My Fears for the Kingdom Hearts series and features The Legend of Zelda’s Navi on Tears – the third track from his latest album Quest for Fire. You know, just to name a couple of instances where he’s dabbled with video games.

If you want to find who featured on Arcane Season 1 quickly, just check out this YouTube list right here – it features 21 bangers and a handful of music videos, too.

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While we wait for more Arcane news – and hopefully a confirmation that Skrillex is going to drop a track or two onto the soundtrack – you can find out more about how League of Legends will let you earn Mastery Tokens in ARAM soon here and how League of Legends’ pricing update makes unlocking all the champs cheaper right here.

Riot Games’ Valorant devs have commented on the chances of a Netflix series like Arcane, too – if you’re hoping for more incredible animation from the studio. We can only imagine that this show would also have a banger-filled soundtrack and score.