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Is League of Legends Wild Rift on Game Pass?

If you want an overview of League of Legends Wild Rift on Game pass we have everything you need to know to play the game on the service.

League of Legends Wild Rift Game Pass: Jinx can be seen

Do you want to know what to expect from League of Legends Wild Rift on Game Pass? Well, this guide covers what to expect from the game’s inclusion on the service and if you can begin playing right now.

Below, you can find a list of the benefits on the service for League of Legends Wild Rift so that you know what you can grab if you do subscribe. You can also find out how to begin linking your account to grab all these benefits if you are a brand new player or someone looking to jump in for the first time.

Is League of Legends Wild Rift on Game Pass?

League of Legends Wild Rift became available on Game Pass from December 12, 2022, with a host of benefits for players if you have a linked account. These benefits are access to all currently released champions, a 20% XP boost, and day-one access to all newly released champions in the future.

These benefits will be available for as long as the Riot and Microsoft partnership exists so you can expect support for a number of months and years, most likely. If you want to get started and link your Riot Games and Xbox account, our guide can help you out in that regard.

If you are planning to subscribe and see what else is available for you to play on Game Pass then our Game Pass games guide can help you out. Then, you can jump into League of Legends Wild Rift on Game Pass.