Is the Knights of the Old Republic Remake coming to Xbox?

Will the KOTOR Remake be jumping ship to Xbox platforms in the future?

A shadowy figure can be seen with a ligthsaber.

With the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake officially being announced during September’s PlayStation Showcase, Xbox players are keen to know what is going on with the release of the game for the Xbox Series X|S.

Announced solely for PlayStation 5, Aspyr and Saber Interactive’s KOTOR remake is a complete modernisation of the title, with the aim of providing an experience that suits both fans of the original and newcomers. After a rocky middle development cycle, the game is back on track with Saber Interactive seemingly taking over development from Aspyr’s initial work on the remake. But, has that affected when you will see the game on Xbox platforms?

But, is the KOTOR remake coming to Xbox? The announcement of the game at the PS5 showcase has put some doubt in that possibility, but read on to learn more about the Knights of the Old Republic Remake on Xbox.

Knights Of The Old Republic remake Xbox

The Knights of the Old Republic Remake will likely release on Xbox, despite the fact that it is a PS5 console exclusive at launch. An Xbox release hasn’t been confirmed, but given Aspyr Media’s lead producer’s wording of the game being a “console exclusive on PlayStation 5 at launch,” we can infer that the game isn’t a full PS5 exclusive.

Therefore the KOTOR Remake is most likely a timed exclusive with that exclusivity lasting somewhere between six to 12 months, as most of Sony’s timed exclusivity deals are this length.

So there you go, all the details we have about the KOTOR Remake on Xbox. Stay tuned to The Loadout for more information about the Knights of the Old Republic Remake on Xbox as we learn more over the coming months and years and get information on the Knights of the Old Republic Remake release date.