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Indiana Jones game reportedly deploys Cyberpunk 2077 style feature

Machine Games is keeping details about the new Indiana Jones game under wraps, but rumors suggest Xbox owners will see gameplay unfold through two perspectives.

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When we think of Indiana Jones, it is impossible to not include Harrison Ford in that mental image. Seeing the Star Wars legend battle bad guys and travel the world is a spectacle, but the upcoming Indiana Jones game might provide Xbox players with a different point of view within the action. Coming from Bethesda and Machine Games, rumors surrounding the next Indy game purport that it could utilize a gameplay style akin to that of Cyberpunk 2077.

According to XboxEra co-host Nick ‘Shpeshal Nick’ Baker in a recent podcast episode, the Indiana Jones game will feature both third-person and first-person perspective gameplay. From 1:25:08 onwards, Baker acknowledges “there has been a lot of talk about whether Indy is going to be third-person or first-person […] I’ve maybe got a little bit of info about that. Now I don’t know if this is finalized […] but from what I’ve heard it is going to be both.”

Baker claims it “won’t be like Starfield” when it comes to choosing your perspective, but more like Cyberpunk 2077 in that certain aspects of gameplay are forced to choose one of the two points of view. Per Baker’s source, the XboxEra co-host says that the game is reportedly “first person in some parts, third person in other parts.” Cyberpunk 2077 allows players to explore Night City in third-person while using vehicles, with the rest of the game using first-person for combat.

How an Indiana Jones game would use this is certainly an intriguing concept. Setpieces similar to the truck chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark seem perfect for third-person, while gunfights and hand-to-hand fights may shine from an immersive POV.

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Given Machine Games’ experience with the Wolfenstein franchise the implementation of first-person makes sense, but the idea of an Indy game already has a prerequisite with fans to use a primarily third-person camera. Nonetheless, previous Indiana Jones titles have enabled the player to see various accurate and inaccurate depictions of Harrison Ford’s likeness in-game.

Though, whether Harrison Ford is returning for the game is still unconfirmed, and it is possible that an original character model could be used in a similar fashion to the upcoming IO Interactive James Bond game. Baker alleges that the game is “quite far off”, so whether we will see anything from it after the Indiana Jones 5 release date remains up in arms.

We hope that a current generation Indiana Jones game ends up as one of the best Xbox Series X games on the platform. If they use the greatest Indiana Jones movie as a blueprint, maybe it won’t be lost to time like an ancient artifact.