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Is Humankind coming to PS4 and PS5?

Will a Humankind PS5 release or PS4 release arrive in the coming months? Here is everything we know about Amplitude's grand strategy game coming to consoles

Humankind PS5 PS4 Release: A culture can be seen.

Is Humankind coming to PS5 and PS4? With the highly rated strategy game available on PC, console players are eager to know if a Humankind PS4 release or even a Humankind PS5 release is on the cards?

SEGA and Amplitude Studios‘ new game is a historical title that chronicles the centuries of human history and cultures, pulling them all together to allow you to form your own civilisations. The game includes ten cultures for every era, from Egyptians to Romans and DLC packs have expanded upon that.

The game was positively received with reviews. But, console players so far have been left out and those on PS5 and PS4 are keen to know if they will be able to get their hands on the Humankind. So, is Humankind coming to PS4 or is Humankind coming to PS5?

Humankind PS5 And PS4 Release date

Humankind is releasing on PS5 and PS4 on November 4. The game’s release was announced at the Summer Games Fest.

Despite a lot of Amplitude’s games not having made the jump to console, especially their strategy titles, Humankind’s release is great to see and should hopefully come with console-friendly controls.

That covers our guide on Is Humankind coming to PS5 or PS4? For more, check out PCGamesN’s Humankind review to see what they thought of the game.