Racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 leaked by actual toy Twin Mill car

An actual Hot Wheels Twin Mill toy car is seemingly the source of a Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 leak, which confirms a sequel for the arcade racing game is coming.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 turbocharged leak toy car: an image of a Twin Mill from the racing game

If you’re a fan of toy cars and decidedly over-the-top counter-top racing, you’ll be pleased to know that a Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 leak has been spotted online in – arguably – the most ironic place possible. The logo for Milestone’s upcoming racing game sequel to Hot Wheels Unleashed, which we’re now expecting to be called Hot Wheels 2 Turbocharged, has been found on a diecast Twin Mill toy car. Yes, that’s right – the leak has been spotted on an actual Hot Wheels car.

Brought to light online by sim-racing site GTPlanet, it looks as though the logo for the unannounced Hot Wheels Unleashed sequel has been found on a GameStop exclusive Hot Wheels Twin Mill variant – evidently a toy being released as tie-in merchandise for the upcoming racing game.

Albeit a rumour initially sparked by rather unclear images of the toy car and the logo printed upon it, apparent diecast enthusiast ‘ajibnobi’ has presented the world with a far better look at the turquoise car’s rear – where the logo is located. As you can see for yourself below, the logo shares near-identical typography to the Hot Wheels Unleashed logo. However, it has been flattened out somewhat with the subtitle “Turbocharged” and a large number two adding to the design.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that this will be the final logo design for any sort of Hot Wheels Unleashed sequel; the game itself hasn’t even been announced yet. However, it is on the diecast – and we’re not going to pretend like that isn’t important.


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Alright. We know this logo isn’t anything too special to look at, but it does seem to suggest that another Hot Wheels Unleashed game is on the way – and you could argue that Milestone’s first Hot Wheels game is one of the best racing games out there.

Interestingly, this leak comes just days after Gematsu shared some interesting stats about Hot Wheels Unleashed’s reception since launch. The racing game has shipped over two million units, with more than eight million players jumping in (when you account for PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass). This all equates to roughly 940 years of playing time – which is one way to wear out your orange tracks.

When you consider the fact that Hot Wheels’ 2021 Twin Mill is reportedly the most popular car in Hot Wheels Unleashed, it makes perfect sense to market the sequel using the iconic design. This is one of the best PS5 racing games and best Xbox racing games out there and, if Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged is anything to go by, we’re surely in for a treat – whenever it comes out.