Save up to 50% off Horizon Zero Dawn books and comics

If you're a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn or Horizon Forbidden West, we've found lots of neat tie-in products and many of them are currently on offer

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn looks to the right while a Tallneck is gracefully imposed over her.

With the recent release of Horizon Forbidden West, excitement for Aloy and the Horizon universe at large is at a high. There’s just something about being able to run around those beautiful open expanses while fighting against vicious robotic dinosaurs that’s really satisfying. If you want to immerse yourself in all things Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can currently get up to 50% off tie-in comics, books and more.

First, there’s the book, The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn. This publication brings together concept art from the game’s development, showcasing over 300 different pieces of art from various artists. If you enjoy seeing how ideas eventually evolve into games, this is going to be really interesting for you. Right now, The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn is 46% cheaper on Amazon.

Meanwhile, there’s also a series of comics which give you the further adventures of Aloy and Talanah. This comic series is still ongoing and it follows on from the original game, while carving out a unique path for the characters that differs from events seen in Horizon Forbidden West. A few volumes have been released so far and if you want to get started with these comics, the first one’s currently half price on Amazon.

These are just a couple of highlights, but, really, there have been lots of exciting products related to the Horizon universe. At this point, Aloy has become a PlayStation icon (heck, she’s even been in Fortnite) and what happens to gaming characters? They get turned into Funko Pop vinyl figures! And, sure enough, Aloy and a number of other characters have been rendered in adorable mini vinyl form.

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On top of that, you’ve also got a board game, giving you a new way to enjoy and appreciate Aloy’s world, plus hoodies, shirts, posters, and more. Whether you love collecting all things Tallneck, or have a friend who’s a huge Horizon fan, you might want to check these out.

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