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Horizon Forbidden West Tribes - an overview of all five tribes

Looking for an overview of all the Horizon Forbidden West tribes? Here is everything we know about everyone from the Tenakth to the Oseram

Horizon Forbidden West tribe members stand side by side in an archway. They are all sporting tribal face paint on their faces

Horizon Forbidden West’s tribes are far more plentiful compared to the original game with a total of five different groups of people all trying to survive against deadly machines and harsh weather conditions.

Each tribe will be encountered in the game at various points, with some playing a larger role in the story. This includes a tribe that is led by Angela Basset’s Regalla, one of Aloy’s main antagonists on her journey. The Oseram and the Carja return from Horizon Zero Dawn, while the Utaru are more common in the west and are trying to heal the world of the red blight.

The Tenakth have splintered into three clans and are the most hostile of tribes in Horizon Forbidden West. The tribes trailer for the game also teased the fifth tribe, but we are yet to see anything about them. So, for an overview of the four confirmed Horizon Forbidden West tribes, continue reading.

Horizon Forbidden West Tribes

Here are all four of the Horizon Forbidden West tribes that have been confirmed so far.

  • Oseram
  • Carja
  • Utaru
  • Tenakth


The Oseram are the main tribe populating villages and towns in Horizon. These metalworkers and craftsmen wield powerful weaponry and are knowledgeable about technology to a greater extent than the other tribes.


The Carja have long held dominance over neighbouring tribes. They are one of the most bloodthirsty groups with strong forces and brutal techniques for silencing those who don’t align with their way of doing things.


The Utaru were briefly seen in the first game but are one of the more plentiful tribes in Horizon Forbidden West. Their homeland is the Plainsong, and they play a vital role in Aloy’s journey in the game.


The Tenakth are the ruling power of the west and are raiders and reavers who are bloodthirsty and brutal. They are one of the main forces in Horizon Forbidden West and will take up most of Aloy’s time.

That covers all the Horizon Forbidden West Tribes. As we said, the fifth tribe hasn’t been detailed yet, but we think it could have something to do with Carrie-Ann Moss’ character Tilda. Be sure to keep checking back for new information as we make our way through the Forbidden West.