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Horizon Forbidden West fast travel - how it works

Looking for how to fast travel to locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Here is how it works alongside an overview of Horizon Forbidden West fast travel

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel: Aloy can be seen looking at a Stormbird in the sky.

Horizon Forbidden West improves a lot of the mechanics that were in the first game in meaningful ways and nowhere is that more evident than in the clunky and tedious fast travel system that was in the first game.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, fast travel was locked behind Fast Travel Packs that you needed to buy or craft, which meant finding resources or money to afford them. However, while Fast Travel Packs return in Horizon Forbidden West, there are more options for fast travel and places to fast travel to, which will help you get around the map easier and not have to ride a machine around all the time. Although, why wouldn’t you? The game looks amazing!

Read on for an explanation of how Horizon Forbidden West fast travel works so you can use the mechanic to its fullest extent when you get stuck into the open world.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel

Horizon Forbidden West’s Fast Travel can be done between any settlements or camps with a campfire. Travelling to them can be done anywhere and it won’t cost you anything.

Fast Travel Packs do make a return and they allow you to travel to places without campfires, but you will need 10 Ridge-Wood and 3 pieces of Wild Meet to craft them.

Alongside Fast Travel, you can of course, override machines and ride them once again, which will let you get around the world much faster than on-foot.

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