Latest Honkai Star Rail banner leaks really seem too good to be true

Recent Honkai Star Rail banner leaks claim several popular faces from this RPG are coming to the game as playable characters on PlayStation, PC, and mobile.

Honkai Star Rail leaks banners characters launch week: an image of a woman with her hand up from the RPG

HoYoverse’s new turn-based RPG is proving quite popular with players on PlayStation, PC, and mobile, and now a new set of Honkai Star Rail banner leaks have appeared online teasing which characters will be available next in this interstellar adventure from the Genshin Impact developers. If you’re someone hording your Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail or hunting down the Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles, and holding on to quite a few Star Rail Passes, you’ll be hard-pressed to stay that way when you see what’s coming up.

Shared online by reportedly reliable leaker ‘Honkai Star Revengers’ – and sourced by ‘Team_China’ – it looks like the next set of Honkai Star Rail banners will introduce several popular characters from HoYoverse’s RPG as playable characters. Luocha and Silver Wolf will reportedly be available in Honkai Star Rail banner 1.1. Kafka and Blade should then follow in Honkai Star Rail banner 1.2. Finally, Honkai Star Rail banner 1.3 is reportedly going to introduce Dan Heng and Fu Xuan.

If you’ve managed to jump into Honkai Star Rail for almost any amount of time yet, you’ll recognise a few of these names – Kafka and Silver Wolf feature prominently in the opening sections of this game’s narrative.


Of course, though, you might be sitting there wondering what all the fuss it about. Well, all you need to do is check the Reddit comments of this post from ‘Significance Slight‘ to see why people are excited – and concerned about their spending.

HSR future banners
by u/SignificanceSlight44 in HonkaiStarRailLeaks

One user has claimed that it “is not paying to be gay” with the skull emoji, while the OP has stated that this user’s “wallet is shaking [right now].” One has expressed comical concern with the exclamation of “not the daddies back to back” – seemingly referring to either Luocha and Blade, or Blade and Dan Heng. Either way, it’s safe to say that Honkai Star Rail fans are excited about these Honkai Star Rail banner leaks – and we certainly think these characters will help you get your hands on the best Honkai Star Rail team comp out there at the moment.

If you want to know how to get Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade, an important part of warping on banners in-game, you can here. It’s also worth remembering that you haven’t got long to claim these free Honkai Star Rail warps – which you’re going to want to get your hands on if you’re planning to gun for any of the above characters.

Thankfully, though, the upcoming Honkai Star Rail Departure Festival lets you claim free Special Passes. So, there’s still going to be a chance to get your hands on Silver Wolf, Kafka, and more.

You might not think that Honkai Star Rail is one of the best games of all time, but it’s proven popular with players. As per industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, it’s surpassed 20 million downloads just one day after release. If these Honkai Star Rail banner leaks are true, expect this to continue.