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Even Honkai Star Rail’s gacha currency is a waifu now on PS5

The Honkai Star Rail Jade reveal brings one of the IPC’s top dogs to the hit PS5 game, and we’re going to be doling out Stellar Jades for Jade.

Honkai Star Rail Jade reveal: Jade with her blue hat and pink hair next to the blonde-haired Aventurine

Honkai Star Rail has just revealed its latest character, and developer HoYoverse is getting our tongues tied and wallets opened. Clearly, it’s not enough for Star Rail to have a premium gacha currency called ‘Stellar Jade,’ as the studio has now decided to materialize the precious gem into human form with the introduction of new character Jade on PS5 – for legal reasons, this is a joke.

You’ll already be familiar with the Ten Stonehearts if you’re up to date with the RPG game’s story, and Aventurine’s boss is finally set to make her grand entrance. From the drip marketing key art shown, she’s looking stellar, filling the role of the premium five-star Quantum Erudition character – someone check on the Qingque mains, they’re probably not doing so hot right now.

According to HoYo’s character descriptor, Jade is a “cold and elegant moneylender,” who has a strong understanding of the human heart. Though I’m not quite sure what her hobby ‘Bonajade Exchange’ involves, I can imagine it’s a pretty high-stakes endeavor. Though we’ve barely seen Jade in Penacony, her unveiling is pretty indicative of how much she’s going to feature going forward – Pure Fiction is quaking.

Honkai Star Rail Jade reveal: Jade key art

You can check out HoYo’s original post here.

Given her name and finance-heavy backstory, there’s a not-so-subtle connection between Jade and the game’s own premium currency. While this is very much a funny coincidence, I can’t help but feel the line “wealth is the recipe to happiness” is a little on the nose considering how much the most fervent players of one of the best games out there regularly invest in pulling for their next in-game dopamine fix – Acheron sales alone will probably keep HoYo afloat for the next decade.

Jade will be voiced in English by the talented Faye Mata, who Vivzieverse fans will recognize as Katie Killjoy from the Hazbin Hotel pilot, as well as Glitz and Glam from Helluva Boss. She’s also played Aqua in KonoSuba’s English dub – fortunately, Jade seems to be far more grounded than everyone’s favorite(?) troublesome goddess.

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Though we don’t know when Jade will arrive, recent leaks suggest she’ll rely on follow-up attacks in the same vein as her IPC counterparts Aventurine and Topaz – Stoneheart synergy is on point. Considering the IPC gang members have been high-value pulls so far, I can imagine Jade could very well make Erudition great again (I’m not huffing copium, you are).

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