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Does Hogwarts Legacy have a photo mode?

Find out if Hogwarts Legacy has a photo mode so you can take expertly shot photos of the stunning world while you’re exploring the world.

Hogwarts Legacy Photo Mode: A player can be seen in front of the castle

Given how intricately detailed and visually stunning the grounds of Hogwarts Castle can be, you might be wondering does Hogwarts Legacy have a photo mode? Photo modes have become increasingly popular since the release of more PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with more graphically impressive games in players’ hands.

The question of a Hogwarts Legacy photo mode will no doubt arise once you’re out in the Hogwarts Legacy map for yourself for the first time. There’s plenty of interesting locations, puzzles, and beautiful vistas that we’ve found out in the world during our time playing for our Hogwarts Legacy review on PS5.

No, Hogwarts Legacy does not have a photo mode. With that said, it’s possible a photo mode could be added in the future in an update, as this is a common approach with new releases.

Without a photo mode, your best bet to take photos of Hogwarts Legacy’s stunning world is to turn off the user interface. To do this, head into the settings menu to find the user interface section at the bottom. Here you can turn off individual HUD elements, such as HUD tracking icons and the mini-map. Turning off these elements of the UI will allow you to explore and take photos without UI spoiling the view.

That’s it when it comes to if Hogwarts Legacy have a photo mode. While there aren’t currently any in-depth options, it’s still possible to take great screenshots by disabling the UI. For more on Hogwarts Legacy, check out our Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough for guides, tips and tricks to excel in your first year at Hogwarts.