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Hogwarts Legacy blue characters - how to fix it

Find out how to fix the Hogwarts Legacy blue characters issue that might be ruining your visual experience if you don't need the accessibility option.

Hogwarts Legacy Blue Characters: Phineas can be seen

If you have begun your journey in Hogwarts you may be surprised to see that everyone is a bit blue. No, not emotionally. No, Ravenclaw hasn’t invaded your game and taken its visuals over. The Hogwarts Legacy blue characters issue is actually just a small error that you can perform as you boot up the game.

In this guide, we will take you through what you have done during that initial start-up screen and how you can reverse the change you made. Thankfully, it is a very simple process in Hogwarts Legacy and just involves a short settings change, like how you can use the Hogwarts Legacy FOV slider on PC.

How to fix the Hogwarts Legacy blue characters issue

To fix the blue characters in Hogwarts Legacy you need to turn off High Contrast Gameplay:

  • Go to the Settings menu in the game
  • Choose Accessibility options
  • Scroll down until you find High Contrast Gameplay and turn it off

High Contrast Gameplay is easy to turn on at the beginning of the game when you are first selecting some options after loading in from the console or PC menu. It is also a bug and can be turned on by the game itself, as we have found in our Hogwarts Legacy review. But, thankfully, all you need to do is switch it off.

This should help you out and mean you don’t get any Hogwarts Legacy blue characters anymore. But, if it does pop back up again, just repeat these steps to remove the blue characters. For more guides to help you out and solve issues with the game, be sure to read our Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough article.

Hogwarts Legacy has drawn considerable criticism during its development, largely due to the fact that the creator of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has made a number of transphobic remarks on social media in recent years.

While Avalanche has confirmed that J.K. Rowling is not “directly involved” in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, it is working with “her team” and Portkey Games, a Warner Bros. label dedicated to launching new experiences inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories. It is currently unclear whether she will earn any royalties from the game’s sale, but it is likely given it is based on her original body of work.

If you would like to learn more about transgender rights or lend your support, we’d encourage you to check out the National Center for Transgender Equality in the US and Mermaids in the UK.