Hitman 3 will be no more as next update bundles up all three games

IO Interactive is rebranding Hitman 3 as Hitman: World of Assassination and you can even get free Hitman games and cheaper DLC packs in the process

Agent 47 in Hitman 3 on PS5 from IOI Interactive

Hello there 47, or whatever designation you prefer. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a newcomer to IO Interactive’s Hitman series, this month’s upcoming Hitman 3 update will mark a significant change of direction for the popular stealth franchise. Hitman 3 has been marked for elimination, at least in name only, as the developer has just revealed a fresh rebrand and some exciting news.

Hitman 3 marked the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy, but Agent 47’s adventures are far from over. Each instalment introduced an array of exotic locales, with their own mysteries to uncover and more importantly, targets to take care of. Now, IO Interactive is announcing that “Hitman 3 will become ‘Hitman World of Assassination’, which will also include access to Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 through our existing Access Pass system.”

Suit up, as all three World of Assassination experiences will be inside one application. Hitman players have been able to access previous missions from Hitman 1 and 2 respectively, but a complicated pass system made it an arduous task. Thankfully, IO Interactive has made it clear that the new direction will ensure this is “the single available option to start playing.”

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In an effort to further streamline the Hitman content economy, the developer states that Hitman: World of Assassination and the World of Assassination Deluxe Pack are the “only two products that new players need to consider when buying any Hitman game digitally as of January 26, 2023.”

You won’t need to worry about DLC packs either, especially if you’ve already purchased some of them. Steam users can use the “complete the set” feature coming to the franchise, which will make completing their DLC packs cheaper, as opposed to paying full price for the Deluxe Pack.

All of these changes are being implemented with the game’s upcoming Freelancer mode, according to the developer.

Freelancer mode is Hitman’s take on the roguelike genre, pitting players in unique situations around the globe, with limited resources and escalating contracts. If you’ve never played Hitman 3 before, check out our Hitman 3 review.