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Is High On Life coming to PS5 and PS4

Rick & Morty fans across the world are getting High on Life, but will High on Life see a PS4 or PS5 release for those without an Xbox or PC?

High on Life PS4 PS5 release: Talking gun and knife aiming at an Alien in High on Life

For those who want to play a game that they like the look of, exclusives can really take the hype out of you, and many are wondering if High on Life will come to PS5 or PS4. The new FPS from Squanch Games, studio founded by Justin Roiland of Rick & Morty fame, looks to be exciting and hilarious, but are some fans going to be left without?

Before you find out whether your console is one of the High on Life platforms, you may be wondering what the High on Life length is, to see how long it will take for you to beat the game. However, if you’re just wondering whether High on Life is coming to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, we have the answer for you.

Is High on Life coming to PS5 and PS4?

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of a High on Life release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. At the Xbox Bethesda Showcase, where High on Life was revealed, the game was announced as a Console Launch Exclusive, meaning it is unlikely that the game will see a release on a PlayStation console. At least, not for a long time.

For those on PC or Xbox consoles, you’ll get to experience the game as part of your Game Pass subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase it and own the game on these platforms if you don’t want to opt in for Game Pass.

It’s an unfortunate answer for those who are wanting High on Life on PS4 or PS5, but it will likely arrive six to twelve months after its initial launch, like most console launch exclusives. However, if you own a PC or Xbox, we recommend subscribing to Game Pass as there’s a full list of Game Pass games to enjoy while you’re subscribed, especially when High on Life’s Game Pass release date comes around.